T.O.F Chapter 2. A Camouflaged Serpent. 4

T.O.F Chapter 2. A Camouflaged Serpent. 4

On the long run, we had spent about thirty-nine minutes on the assembly ground. I had an announcement to make concerning the library which I pleaded with Esther to do but she refused saying that she is ‘just’ my assistant. Anyways, I walked up to the podium and collected the microphone from Angela the assembly conductor.. our hands brushed as she handed the microphone to me and a tingly sensation ran through me.
“Please Stan, make it snappy. The students are already tired and . . .” she breathed out as I cut her short. “I know Angela. I promise I’ll make it as snappy as possible”.
I cleared my throat and raised the microphone to my mouth. I could hear slight murmurings and distinct grudges from the students.
“Hello students,” I echoed into the microphone.
“Hello senior,” they replied, although some people kept their mouth shut.
“As we all can see, today is a very bright day and above all it’s Friday. Thank God it’s Friday. Well, I just want to let you guys know that me and my assistant had an exclusive meeting with the school management and resolved that everybody, both new and old students are going to submit two novels each for the development and enlargement of our school library.” I stopped and faked a slight cough, shifting the microphone away from my lips.
The murmurings within the students have now turned to noise; pure noise. I knew they would complain, I knew that they won’t take it lightly then. . . I’ll be forced to force them do it.
“It’s okay. Enough!” I yelled into the microphone and the noise died down at once, absolute serenity was restored.
“Let me explain. All new students that haven’t submitted any book before to the library will submit four novels each; two African and two non-African.” I stopped for a while to catch my breadth as I ran my eyes across the students. A thousand and one inquisitive faces were all piercing into mine. My eyes spotted somebody; a lady- the girl in my dream, she was standing right behind Verona White, smiling lusciously at me, flashing her big sparkling pure white set of teeth. Her beauty was striking and intimidating and I almost freaked out as my heart missed a bit. Anyways I held on.
“Starting from Monday, you can meet me or my assistant in the library for your submissions. Submissions ends on Friday, so you’ve got one full week after which if you haven’t submitted yours, you’ll then dance to the rhythm of the drum we will beat for you.” There was absolute commotion, after my announcement as I stepped down the podium and the Agricultural Master, sir. Joseph stepped forward.
Sir Joseph made an announcement, he was emphasizing on the need for all students to submit their working implement; hoes and cutlasses.
“You all know that those implement helps us to keep our school farm in order and also to enhance the productivity of the farm. In essence what I’m trying to say is that all new students that haven’t submitted his/her own working implements should please do so latest before Friday next week else-” he hung his words. The students perfectly understood him, he would do anything to keep to his words; you dare not toil with him or his words. He meant business.
The assembly was beginning to take longer than usual; almost all the teachers and school functionaries had announcements to make. The first lesson period which is supposed to be from eight o’clock to eight-fifty had been far spent into. The time now is eight-thirty and we were still on the assembly ground. The whole students were vividly feeling uneasy.
Wow! At long last, it came to an end. Assembly over.
“SS1, give us a marching in song,” Angela echoed, and immediately an Ss1 student intoned a tone and others joined. Soon enough the whole students were singing and marching in to their various classes. JS1 first.
The band beaters were hitting hard on the band as the students kept marching in. all the junior class have gone into their classes, and it was now the turn of the SS1 to march in when something happened- something very weird. It was a student convulsing. I immediately left my line and headed towards the student who had already been encircled by students who stood feet away watching, not knowing what to do exactly. Almost everyone was exclaiming and shrugging. Some thought it was a demonic attack, while some thought that it was ‘just epilepsy’.
“What’s happening? Will she survive it?” someone asked from the circle but received no reply. She had convulsed for about eight minutes on the ground, turning her school uniform into a mess before she finally stayed still with the help of ice spilt on her. Her mouth was filled with white water- pure foam.
She lay still with eyes bulged out, and tongue stuck out with foam filling the greater part of her mouth. My worst fear of her becoming dead was ‘near’ to becoming a reality, or rather it’s already a reality.
“Is she dead?” a SS1 girl asked freakingly from the circle.
“No, it’s just that her heartbeat have slowed down to two beats per nine seconds” Angel Philips the student clinic attendant who had rushed to the scene, assured.
“We need to get her to the clinic immediately. Somebody please help me take her to the clinic.” Angel said as she wiped off the foam from the girl’s mouth.
Everyone in the circle stood still and mute, the silence was beginning to get kind of awkward. Nobody volunteered to carry the girl to the clinic. The big circle that had watched her convulse were now dispersing slowly but continuously. No one wants to soil and dirty his school uniform.
And for the first time, I peered into the girl’s face and on that moment captured who it was. I had to look closely to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Can’t believe it was the girl from my dream- the anonymous pretty lady from my dream. I immediately, not minding my sparkling white shirt went and carried her in my arms. She was pretty heavy as I raised her with all my strength and placed her on my shoulder- left side. Her body was resting on mine as her head dropped slightly over my left shoulder. My hand was clutching tightly together on her thighs under her buttocks. Her body was warm- as warm as an evening sun, her breasts were pressing tightly on my chest that I could even feel the nipples. Honestly speaking, I’m beginning to feel a thing in between my thighs.
Carrying her dirtied my clothes, the foam on her mouth slipped down from her mouth to my shirt, and soaked into my singlet.
“It will be fine, huh?” I asked Angel who was trotting in front of me, on our way to the infirmary.
“Yep, I believe so. Lets just get to the infirmary before it gets worst,” she replied hastening up her steps as I raced trying to catch up with her with the load I’m bearing on my shoulder.



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