Only To Us All….

Only To Us All….


One cannot know how to work a field,

Just by stories heard around the fire place;

Of the scorching sun and blistering thorns.

Just as one cannot dare say he lives,

By reading and listening silently;

To other people’s accounts of life.


One must choose to step out,

To test the depth of the sea for onesself

Feel the breeze on one’s own skin…

And let each fiber respond in shivers to its every call.


One cannot be born on one day,

And begin to live life on that same day.

Man is born on a day such as this,

And life happens to him, on another, even the next.


It is only easy for the Man; born,

To turn his back on the beckon of life,

And choose to hide in foyers and catacombs,

Only for the lined-up Tomorrows to turn into waning Yesterdays.


And even in those moments of despair,

Regrets would loom in every shadow,

Every reflection only blurs…

And Man would realize, that life,

Even in his hiding

Has happened to him.

And that Life happens….

Only to us all.

13 thoughts on “Only To Us All….” by Ghostwriter (@Ghostwriter)

  1. The things we’ll regret most when we are old are the things we didn’t do- while we were young.

    Life is not a spectator sport. If we choose to watch others perform, we’ll only watch our lives pass us by…

    #Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

    Nice piece, @Ghostwriter

  2. life happens to us…good poem

  3. it is good to know you are making the best of your talent.

    1. The best you say… Lol. #kindWords… Far too kind.

  4. Words of intelligence. Great!

    1. Glad you liked it.

  5. Well written.
    “Life happens only to us all”
    What does this mean?

    1. Life responds to us… Whether you choose to live it or just live through it- is up to you.

  6. … I love the flow… I love the structure… I love the phraseology…

    1. Thank you… Glad you liked.

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