Ode to the flood

Ode to the flood



Have you seen the heaven’s cry?

It cries for the earth wounds

A tormented howl for the lost flora

Damage of years gone by to nature bloom

They cut trees at morn and burn at dawn

Burning fossils as incense to a deranged god

Draining the bodies of water with glee

Delight in the constant warming of earth belly

Inconsolable, clouded with tears she weeps

As in war friends turn into foes unaided



Looming clouds of cleansing ritual to

Purge the earth’s tenant in protest

Raging tears of acid touch the earth

Unleash the gates of the seas

They run for shade to escape

She catches up, water far and wide

Like a drunk in stupor runs blindly

Drinks up rivers and hurries on

Altering the course of water



Have you heard the heaven’s shout?

Belches of thunder in brimming angst

Roaring like a tormented fiend

In anguish at their ruin she whinge

Strength rising the longer she cries

Her sneezing makes earth shudder

Crack opens the doors of the ocean

A blazing trail chase crossways

As fangs of pain spits out light



Tears on earth closer than a kiss

Who knows where the tears begin or ends?

All is a blur in the rushing on, everywhere

Dragging treasures to places they’d rather not go

Have you heard the heaven’s cry?

Sometimes she sobs then cheered up by sun

Sometimes she rages in continual wailing

Leaving devastation in her wake

But she cries, I have seen her cry.

5 thoughts on “Ode to the flood” by tomeloma (@tomeloma)

  1. Me too, I’ve seen her cry
    but all I can do is sigh

    great poem!

  2. great poem, you will find it so hard to comprehend his vituperation if you are not victim of circumtance.

  3. … a great piece…

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