Just for Her…

Just for Her…

Swimming in the thoughts of a certain Kween
The feel, intoxicating like the pills in Quinine
The pinch, this thought, ….conjure together like Siamese twins

Erecting the Castle of Her in me like scenes…

Sizzling, sneezing, yet blazing
What! what! what? my soul kept exclaiming
Why this suddenly invoking thought, amazing.
Birthing a reborn pill, leaving my whole drowning.

Swimming through my soul
Smoking, flaming as it unfolds

Down my spine,….. shivers of cold
Sweeping me off my feet, ..a dream retold.

But all She says is ‘No go-area’

The aftermath of series of expressive Lines,
Still cannot feel the signs
From a certain Word- Churner.

Soaked with the thoughts of her
Go get Kween! Go get Kwueen!! this noise encapsulating my ears
Deafening, interestingly fascinating like the fermented beer
Yet, ripe like Harvested pears.

So strong like ice,
Biting my soul, like that of a domestic mice
You Toyin! You Toyin! the tone rang like thrice.

May this come to pass, So I can stop this internal fight.

Then I can say Oluwatoyin
After much threats, bet and sweat

And then she finally says ‘Yes’

The manifestation of this admiration can then be genuinely felt.

7 thoughts on “Just for Her…” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. sweet. Intoxicating lines.

    1. @Lactoo …thanks..But did u just say intoxicating???

  2. @Kaycee… still trotting past??

  3. @whizpoet This is Great! Powerful words arranged in order……………

    1. Thanks @innoalifa, your comment inspires me to write even more…

      1. @whizpoet then carry on…………. keep pushing on…………

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