Je t’aime

The wind blows gently

Whispering short notes of music

It is always so by the beach

Watching the angry tides of sea,

Then my heart travels

Far to the world of the imagination

I see her coming,

A thin smile on her face

Her hair is long and silky

And her eyes shine with the gift of nature

She bends down and kiss me on the forehead

Then she sits by my side

I feel the warmth of her body

Though it sends cold chills into me

Like the frozen water in the horizon

She shifts her eyes to mine

The smile on her face getting broader

“I knew you would come”, I whisper

I take her by the shoulder and kiss her

I can hear the song of the wind as I do so

And then a soft still whisper;

“You are the best thing that’s happened to me”

It’s not the wind. I’m sure

It was the soft voice from her heart.

Then the whisper, ‘what is love?’

I could read the answer from her eyes,

Love is a rare gem that is common

Love is that feeling that abhors all elements of hypocrisy

Love is like a small plant,

Struggling to survive in the midst of giant trees

Love is like a little ant who finds itself in the middle of the sahara

But yet is determined to flourish

Love is simple and plain,

Complicated like a labyrinth.

Love is love.

I understood so well now,

The type of love she had for me,

The love of the chilly falling dew of April…


















7 thoughts on “Je t’aime” by praize (@praize)

  1. Hmmm. Pretty much direct.

    I like it though.

  2. I hope she sees this @ praize, C’est Bien

  3. Way to go @praize… I like the flow

  4. This is really nice

  5. @ogaoga I don’t know what the problem is o! Everytime I post a poem, I’m always given 50 points instead of 200. What’s d problem?

    1. Please check your messages.

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