It Started Well and Ended…

It Started Well and Ended…

Three women were fighting over
Who would occupy the two seats left over;
They cursed and fought each other until
Two prevailed and left one murmuring still:
“How I wish I was in that bus,
I’d be late and it’ll anger my boss”.
I looked at her and soliloquized:
She looked at me, and I apologized.

Soon our bus is filled with passengers;
Some were quarelling, some cursing: perfect strangers;
Yet our driver is nowhere to be found.
A man staggers forward, alcohol in hand,
And grabs the wheel, dead drunk.
“Now we’d be driven by a drunk!”
The same woman murmured
I looked at her and smiled,
Soon we became friendly and cracked a joke.
We’d barely left and our bus is on smoke!
We all hurried down; lives are at stake!
Someone donated a big round cake,
We shared it amongst us
While we wait to repair our bus.
Soon enough, we are on transit again
Sonner enough, it started to rain
A big tree fell and blocked the road
And water filled the mouth of toad!
“Today I’m clearly out of luck,
Now I’d be sacked from work!”
The same woman lamented,
In her face, misery and mischief combined;
I felt responsible for her woes,
But the reason behind these, no one knows.

But soon the tree is hauled away,
And again we are on our way.
Barely had our bus’ engine warmed,
And we’re beginning to enjoy the wind,
When suddenly we heard a loud shout
And people scattered and screeming all about!
Soon our bus came to a sudden hault
As we rushed down to kmow the fault.
“What is happening?”
The woman asked me, lips red, shaking
“The bridge collapsed into the river
And cut many lives short forever.
And unfortunatly, the bus you missed
Fell into it too, leaving every passenger dead”.
The river flowed with tears
As it flowed with blood of the victims.

It was with a tearful eyes
That she said to my suprise:
“When next you are in a hurry
And something or another caused a delay
Pause to ask yourself two inportant questions:
Do all these delay have their reasons?
Is God trying to protect me from something?
Those in a hurry, always lose everything!

13 thoughts on “It Started Well and Ended…” by Chime221 (@Chime221)

  1. This is a ……?

  2. This poem feels a bit heartless. So what about those who lost their lives? Also watch your spellings, like hault is wrong. Or were you trying to rhyme? Never hurt the message of your poem by forcing some unnecessary rhymes.

    1. That’s the idea. Some works of art ends tragically, some comically.

    2. And thanks for the correction. I saw the error when I had posted it.
      Although I was rhyming, this one was simply a mistake.

  3. ovjakes (@ovjakes)

    This should have been a short story and not a poem.
    Nice try though its a bit disjointed.

    1. We should not be quick to flaunt our ignorance.
      @ovjakes, from your comment dear, I can deduce that you never heard of Prose Poem before! Well, prose poems are meant to be narrative in nature. My poems may not be the best, but whatever I write has a tradition.
      However, thanks for your comment.

  4. Its prosaic. You should have concentrated on the less visible factors.

    1. Yeah thanks dear.

  5. pleasure (@basittjamiu)

    This is worth applauding but the critic is too much

    1. Thanks @innoalifa
      Your comment brought me back to this poem. It’s been a long time I wrote it, and it was for a purpose.

      1. @Chime221
        what was the purpose behind the poem?

  6. I think NS asked its members to write on the happenings around them on that that.
    So haven seen a similar scene, I tried to be creative about it.
    It was not exactly as it happened around me, but there is a vestige of the actual event in the prose poem.
    Thanks for asking @innoalifa. Have a hitch free June 12.

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