If only…

If only…

If Only what she see is Me
Then my Hurt will strangulate,shred and Un-steam
Till I swim the rivers of her thighs still.

If Only what she does is wring
Then let it be D swaying rings
on her bare chest, So I cling.

If all she can is Born
Let it be from the offshoots I pour
When my thighs sings, as offsprings come forth

If, if,… If she can just be Mine
Then the rivers will hum and Rhyme
As a world unfold, and our souls fuse like Curry & Thyme.

10 thoughts on “If only…” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. just one or two issues, other than that, really nice

    should ‘D’ read ‘the’ ?

    then last line, unfold should have an ‘s’

    “As a world unfolds”

  2. Thanks .OluFunMi-Lola….and me Akolawole….hmm.. I reserve my comments…

  3. nice one! From you sir, i love the poems, they good for the reading pleasure.

  4. Hmmmm….good stuff.

    1. good or errotic….do u know what the poem really depicts??? Pls read again…swimming the thighs of a WOMAN…Ahahah!!!

  5. a heart yearning for love- well bro keep them poem coming- well done jor

    1. Thank U @mikeeffa…U ve seen what others didnt see

  6. Haha bro..your mouth too sweet. Very subtle. Nice

  7. beautiful…………

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