I’d Say Them No More

I’d Say Them No More

If these words, those words

Cannot quicken the beats of your heart,

Cannot cause a surge of your emotive heat

I’ll stop using them, yes,

I’ll say them no more


But these words, those words

Are not new to you and me

We’ve heard it through and through

You know the words I’ve sought –

The words I’ve said in plenty ways


And these words, those words

Are used everywhere and anywhere

By those who mean and those who don’t

Within families, among friends,

And between friends like you and me


These words, those words

You’ve refused to say to me – in fear?

You make a face, or breathe a sigh

And then you say I’ve heard

When I say those words


I’ll say these words no more

If you really don’t want me to

I’d bury them in an emotional gore

Since you disagree or hate me so

I’ll say those words no more



I LOVE YOU beyond these –

And those –


8 thoughts on “I’d Say Them No More” by MegaCrowns (@ambersphere)

  1. Oh, but ‘that person’ made me say them again! Can someone imagine how she did it?

  2. Oh, but ‘that person’ made me say them again! Can someone guess how she did it?

  3. O! A good one…

  4. Beautiful! Just Beautiful!

  5. A good poem, with proper editting can be a great one.

  6. I love it!!! Most times however, you don’t get to hear the words you desire from the person you’ll like to hear it from.

  7. Hello @ambersphere,

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