I Am Happy

I Am Happy

As I sat in my balcony

To unravel life’s irony

A sensuous feeling, my blood burned

Coursing to my heart, it warmed

Then I felt a glow on my face

My lips parted in a smile


Why am I happy? I asked

The economy is smoked

Natural disasters everywhere

No excitement left anywhere

Hunger and strife have become the clime

Poverty and crime escalated to a prime


Then I remember

Even in stormy weather

There’s still hope somewhere

Even in a journey to nowhere

We stay strong as one

Like a bundle never to be torn


Looking at each other face

Catching somebody’s gaze

That gleeful smile

With rapport and gale

Then I realized why I’m happy

Because I chose to be happy

13 thoughts on “I Am Happy” by uzywhyte (@uzywhyte)

  1. Yup! Happiness is a choice. I like.

  2. nice poem… happiness, gem

  3. Hehehe… My PA is happy…lol. Nice one dear.

  4. Nice message, but some words seem off, like rapport and gale?

  5. @Myne, Thanks for the tip. will look into it.

  6. My lips parted in a smile….I love this. Simple and clear.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it@shomyk

  7. @uzywhyte
    happiness when pursued
    seems delusional
    what a message
    with a rhythm here

  8. this is lovely

  9. You are too kind @innolifa. Thanks for commenting

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