Give Us Your Best Short Update

Hello Everyone.

Congrats to all those who successfully submitted an entry to this contest. Out of over 100 submissions, 93 entries were accepted that met the major guidelines. A few missed out on putting in a summary at the beginning but were accepted anyway since they met all the other criteria. That said, such entries will be penalized as the editors go on to select the long list.

At the time of writing this, all 93 qualified entries have been published, and no other entries will be accepted. The editorial team has already started reading the stories in order to choose those we feel are worthy of being showcased in the long list. Stories that make it to the short list stand the chance of being read by Chika Unigwe, and possibly being in our next anthology.

A reminder of the updated timelines the contest is below;

Public Choice Ratings – Dec 21st to January 19th
Release of the editor’s Longlisted Stories – January 5th
First Round Polls and Judges Scoring- January 6th – 12th
Shortlist released – January 13th
Final Judging – January 14th to January 20th 2013
The winner will be announced by January 21st 2013.

So the public choice ratings are now open. Writers who have submitted to the contest are encouraged to promote their stories to other members of the site and elsewhere – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Take this opportunity to read your fellow writers and give them honest feedback on their writing in the comments. You can ask them to also read yours and comment.

In addition, we urge all members to start reading the various stories, and also sharing the ones you enjoy to your social networks. Please use the star rating to score each story and also leave comments to show what you feel about them. This will certainly help the editors in their work, and will also end in two winners being selected.

To read the entries, click on the link below to check them out.


PS – there may be a slight delay in reviewing and publishing other posts over the next few days as we concentrate on the contest and also celebrate Christmas. We apologize in advance for the back up and any inconvenience. We hope to be all straightened out come the new year.

Happy Holidays and Good luck to everyone.

21 thoughts on “Give Us Your Best Short Update” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Great. Just this once that i decided to enter an NS competition, hundred other people decided to spoil my runs.
    May they all lose.

      1. @kaycee: isn’t that the life bruv? Hmm….

  2. Let the show begin!

  3. Too many people mehn… (crying) can you dude just allow me win noni *sigh*
    That said, in the spirit of competition, may the best man (ME) win :d

  4. Big big names… I hope to start reading very soon.

    Good luck guys.

    @Kaycee, na your own I go read first.

    1. True words @jaywriter. Heavy weight stuff, yea? Hmm….

  5. Kudos! @admin. More light to your eyes ooh. So the race is on…

  6. great @admin. you are doing a great job, looking forward to the results.

  7. Doest it mean that the more one can get his or her friends to read and comment, the higher the chance of one’s victory. Then sentiment is bound to make people qualify then. I don’t think I like this.

    1. @Leewis did you read the guidelines at all?

    2. Igbekeleoluwa (@igbekeleoluwasalawu)

      @ sulaiman, it’s for d second section of d comp, nt d main one, i think. Otherwise it’s a political comp., nt based on merit.

      1. @kaycee: the tag is @leewas
        I don’t think his question is out of place.
        @admin: Please can you put Wasiu through as he doesn’t understand the ‘public ratings’ thing? I’ve gotten some questions too. Getting it from source would really help.
        Thank you.

        1. @sueddie @leewas, @igbekeleoluwasalawu has given the right answer. There are two sections of the competition. There will be two public choice winners from this section, The editors will select the longlist for the next section. Please read all guidelines carefully.

  8. mehn no be small tin o. @kaycee i no even know sey u submit sef. Na wa o.

  9. @admin. I want to know why my story ‘ STILL LOVE YOU.’ was not among the list. In as much as I love to write but hate to rewrite and edit, I still took the arduous task of rewriting and editing to get my best short, suffered insomnia trying to get the story and yet all effort wallow in the mud. I’m so vexing and annoyed. It’s so painful bcos this is my first entry to your competitions. Secondly, I think you are being bias, permit me to use that word. for getting those stories that omitted the summary into the list. Lets be strict here. Criteria is criteria, if a story does not meet the criteria, it should be scrapped out. It would be unfair to other stories that are thrown into the thrash can for not meeting the criteria. Pls admin, work with procedures, it will only make us better and discipline writers.

    1. @ify1986 we apologise for any inconvenience. You did not tag your story under the Best Short category and that was why it as omitted.

      It has now been published here

  10. Okay then. Its on! May the best writer win!! I wish myself the best of luck. Hehehe…

  11. @kaycee no vex o. @igbekeleoluwasalawu tnx 4 ur xplainatn, I nw undastnd. Best of luck guys.

  12. May the best (wo)man win!

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