Coming Forever

Coming Forever


Come on…

How long does it take you to come?

We could, but we won’t!

Not with the wary men in black

Police officers who will not believe a word

Hostile judges, axing questions on the head

Fingering proof from the bottom


You know not of a fate worse than death

How do you piece loose fragments to make a unit

When the fracture is there for you to see

It will take forever for you

To come; to know

And accept this ironclad truth

It hurts!


© Shittu Fowora 2012

3 thoughts on “Coming Forever” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. n ice poetry… keep it up

  2. What is the mood, and what is reacted upon?
    I Like this.

  3. beautifully written
    I get smitten
    as I read
    the creed

    deciphering the wisdom
    leading to stardom

    NICe piece here!!!!!!

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