YIMUCENTRAL publishes original speculative fiction and non-fiction — from comedy to action thrillers and the works. We also publish articles, jokes, a sprinkle of poetry and everyday tales: something and anything to get the mind off a stressful day at work, a business deal gone sour, a rainy day, a broken heart . . . anything that tickles a smile, because that’s what YimuCentral is all about. So what do we want? Well, we want stories that elevate, celebrate and enrich the diversity of the genres ensconced in an African flavour (if possible). Stories that excite us, that challenge us, that surprise us.
So it is our pleasure to welcome submissions from writers of every gender, nationality, and sexual orientation. If you love writing, and like speculative fiction or non-fiction, and a good laugh, we will give your story a chance in the sky. …
GUIDELINES: Word limit: 1000-6000 words (preferred length is around 6000 for series and 1500 for shorts)
Submissions should be sent to;

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    Way to go.

    Nice one. Nice one!

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    Nice one.

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