Break A Sweat

Break A Sweat


She’s been beating the sheets with the milkman

While her loving husband is off, ranching away in the sun

For them both to revel later at evenfall


Even at week ten, the baby is still kicking

With an anti-pill vest, basking

Putting the curette and chemists to shame


Now she comes seeking assistance

For the burden of a full paunch

So as to murder a child while slandering his father

With false accusations of ‘rape’.

5 thoughts on “Break A Sweat” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. nice poem, so to reason through.

  2. Thank you chinuasoyinka.

  3. Now this is one that I really like. This is the kind of child that refuses to die.

  4. … it was a nice read…

  5. Really did not get the last stanza..

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