Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Doors And Handles

“Oh God!” Bridget screamed in awe, “His trouser is going to fall off.” She said to her husband pointing at the teenage boy walking down the aisle.

 “Teenagers!” Mark, her husband sighs, nodding his head.
Bridget quickly ran after the boy calling after him.
 “Steven!” She called out.
“Ma!” Steven turned around, realising who was calling him.
“Why do you always have your trouser so low beneath your underpants? It’s going to fall off one of these days.” She said to him.
Embarrassed, Steven pulled his trouser up and tightened the belt.
“I know this is the common amongst your peer but you don’t have to do that; you shouldn’t join the multitude because they all do it.” Bridget said, looking into his eyes.
“Yes ma’am.” Steven replied lowering his head.
“Oh Steven!” She muttered. “You have always said, ‘yes ma’am’ each time we have this conversation and yet your trousers is still falling off.” She gently said to him.
“I’m sorry ma, I will be more careful.” He smiled and then went his way.
“Oh teenagers!” Bridget said, going back to her husband. “I wonder what exactly they are trying to show us when they pull their trousers below their underpants.” She said.
“It’s called ‘sagging’ dear,” Mark said laughing at her. “You need to see how bewilder  your face was running after the poor boy, Oh dear!” He said laughing. “I better go attend to the minster’s meeting now.” He said.
“It was a great sermon today dear, God was glorified.” She said to him.
“Glory be to God!” Mark said hurrying to the minister’s meeting.
Being a pastor’s wife has too many responsibilities which she has come to accept. Bridget has to make sure everyone is attended to at the end of each service and things were all in their place. She had taken it upon herself to attend to every new converts and members; she hurried to the room where the ushers were attending to new members.
She opened the door, and to her amazement, she saw a familiar face, a very familiar face.
“Abigail!” Bridget said aloud, surprised.
“Bridget!” Abigail screamed, excited.
“Oh my….” Bridget said, hugging her. “I can’t believe this is you.” She said, still surprised.
“Oh dear, it’s really me, been so long, what are you doing here?” Abigail asked.
“Me?” She chuckled. “I worship here…
Just then. Mark entered with this twin brother, Peter.
“Finally, I found you,” Peter said to Abigail. “I have been looking all over for the queen.” He smiled at Bridget. “I guess you both have met?” He smiled taking his place by Abigail’s side.
“Meet who?” Bridget asked, confused.
“This is Abi,” He announced to Bridget and Mark, “Abigail, my soon to be bride.”
“What!” Bridget gasped, astonished. “You mean, Abigail?” She said, confused.
“Yes, Abigail, the same I have spoken about for months now.” Peter said back to her.
“Abigail, this is my twin brother, Mark and his wife, and queen, Bridget.” he said to her.
“Nice to meet you Mark, I have heard so much about you.” Abigail said with a big grin on her face.
“Oh, c’mon,” Mark pulled her into an embrace. “A soon to be wife of my brother deserves a big hug.” He said smiling.
“Oh…” Abigail smiled back.
“This is so surprising,” Bridget said to Abigail. “You are the one Peter has been on heels over with,” She said laughing. “Oh Abi, I’m so glad to see you again.”
“I never imagined you were the one Peter always talk about; he calls you queen almost all the time he refers to you. When I asked, he said, that was what his twin brother calls his wife and they all have taken it as her name…” Abigail said laughing.
“You both know each other?” Peter asked, looking at the ladies.
“Yes, you wouldn’t believe how well I know her.” Abigail said, teasing Bridget.
“We attended the same high school and university back then but lost touch after leaving school.” Bridget said.
“That settles it then; I guess we can take the bonding period off my lists,” Peter said smiling. “Since, you both already know each other, it unites the family.”
“You can say that again Peter, I am so glad to see my best friend again.” Abigail said, taking Bridget into her embrace again.
“Oh best friends!” Peter said, excited. “I’m getting married to her best friend.” He said to Mark. “That is so exciting.”
“Soon to be best in-laws,” Mark added. “Well, you are welcome again Abigail, it’s good to finally meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine, and you do have a beautiful church.” Abigail smiled, sneaking a look at Bridget.
“Thank you.” Mark said.
“I can’t believe my Bridget married a pastor, let alone, she is a minster.” Abigail blurted out.
“Oh, I can see you still got the big mouth.” Bridget chuckled.
“Aww dear, I always have the big mouth for you,” She smiled back which Bridget tried to return the smile, but the reunion was becoming uncomfortable for her.
“I know this is a short visit but I promise we would come visit you properly during the week, Abigail is resuming at her new place of work tomorrow, and need to go get ready.” Peter said.
Abigail was still intensely looking directly at Bridget; she was both excited and curious. She wished she would stay longer to catch up with her but Peter was right, she had just been transferred from another state to her new job which, she would be resuming at tomorrow so she has to go prepare.
“That’s okay, maybe, we can arrange a dinner.” Mark said to his wife who was also staring back at Abigail.
“Uhmm…..,Sure, definitely.” She replied, lowering her gaze.
“Alright then, it’s nice to meet you,” Mark said. “I have another programme to attend to.” He said, excusing himself.
“Catch you later.” Peter said after him.
Bridget walked them to their car. At this point, every emotion was swelling up inside her. She couldn’t believe her eyes; to have seen Abigail was both confusing not alone to be Peter’s fiancé. Although, Peter had always told them about the new girl he just met, but knowing Peter’s past relationships, they were not all that excited since he changes women like his clothing.  Even though, Abigail lives in another state, he always does the travelling every two weeks to see her and then announced to the whole family that he had finally found his bride.
Everyone was so excited about the news and couldn’t wait to meet the woman who had finally caught his eyes.
Mark was quite different from his twin brother; he was the reserved one, subtle and more mature while Peter was the opposite. Coupled with the fact that their parents are so rich and every estate are in their names and need not worry for money; Peter had taken that opportunity to enjoy himself and lavish money anytime, anywhere. Mark has since his teens given his life to Christ which he has held unto passionately and later became a pastor but his love for his brother has held them close through all the years despite the wayward nature of Peter.
Bridget decided to leave Church alone since Mark was still attending some meetings and that quiet time gave her the opportunity to reflect back to her life. Her relationship with Abigail has been a disaster right from the beginning and Abigail was someone she never wants to see again in her life.
Many years ago, Bridget had been so frustrated when her mother had to move to another state because of her nature of work and so, she had to change school. Starting a new school was something she wasn’t looking forward to; the loneliness of leaving all her friends and family she grew up with behind made her sad, but that wasn’t compare to the loneliness of being alone in a new school and new town.
Everyone knew each other except for her and due to her quiet nature; it was difficult to make new friends until Abigail approached her. Right from the moment she knew Abigail, everything changed; they moved together, did everything together. Before long, everyone knew them as best friend.
After few months to their suppose friendship, Bridget noticed something strange in her friend, although, she was very nice and cared so much about her but her attention was becoming an obsession. At first, Bridget had craved and loved the attention she was receiving but before long, she was entangled in something that changed the course of her life.
In their final year of high school, Bridget’s mother had to travel for business in another state and so, she had to stay with Abigail for a whole week. That night, after everyone had gone to bed; Bridget was changing to her night wear when she noticed Abigail looking intensely at her, she was stunned when Abigail got up to her and before she could think twice, they were both locked in a passionate kiss. Her shock and surprised had made her scream out in disgust but Abigail would not have any of that. She wept and confessed her feelings for Bridget and had thought she felt the same way about her since their suppose friendship has grown from strength to strength.
At first, she was scared of rejecting Abigail but gradually she warmed up to the idea of having a female partner especially when they are your best friend. They kept their relationship secret from everyone from fear of being rebuked. This went on till the university days; everyone were proud of their relationship and the closeness between the two friends but no one could ever imagine they were lesbians especially since they both took active roles in church. Bridget teaches the kids in church while Abigail was an usher.
It was very easy to blame Abigail for bringing Bridget into the act of lesbianism but over the years, Bridget realised she had no one to blame except herself. She had allowed herself to be drawn into the demonic act of sleeping with another woman despite her knowledge of the word of God and how they actively speak against such in Church.
There were some times when she gently spoke to Abigail about their relationship and what the futures holds for them but Abigail was very enthusiastic about them and believes they are met to be together and taking each act of faith will establish their future together.
Gradually, towards the final year of their university, Bridget was beginning to feel ashamed of their act, especially when they could not explicitly tell everyone what they were doing and each time she goes to Church and hears the preaching against such act, she felt like a betrayal of the cross. She wanted out but her strength failed her each time she took the courage to do something. There were times she cried herself to sleep out of her weakness, she was fed up but she knew Abigail would have none of it, she was the adament and any attempt to get out of their relationship might lead to something terrible.
She remembered the day she told her she wanted out, Abigail had cried out in despair that she couldn’t live without her and her life would have no meaning if she leaves. She even threatened to kill herself. Her reaction that day scared Bridget and her escape from this relationship seems unreal. For months, Bridget was filled with sorrow, she looked at her other friends who were into relationship with men and working towards getting married and having kids and she feared she might not have any of those in her life. She longed for freedom from Abigail and also from herself. This is very easy to blame Abigail since she was in the picture but her habit was making it difficult to get out. Times when she prayed and promised God not to ever go there again and the end, she finds herself in the hands of Abigail, kissing and doing despicable things with her.
In all these, both of them never left church; they were committed to every activities and roles in the church. Only if they could confide in someone in the church for help but she knew what the response and criticism would be so great that it may impair their lives and reputation.
Towards the end of their final exams in school, Abigail had secured an apartment for them to live and had so many great plans for their future but at this time, Bridget had been thinking of running away from her whichever way. She knew telling Abigail to end the relationship would never be possible due to previous incidents, so then; she started to plan her escape. She had to run away and never look back again. She wanted a bright future for herself with a family to call her own, a relationship you can boldly tell others about without being ashamed. The last straw when she made up her mind to leave was when Abigail brought her a ring and proposed to her; it was the most devilish and despicable act she had ever seen. That day, she wept so much which Abigail took as the tears of joy but she knew in herself that she had sold her soul to the devil. From that day, she knew she had to run away from her and herself, she had to leave before her life gets destroyed.
The only place she did wanted to run to was to God but she felt God would never be interested in her; she was a disgrace to the children of God, a stigma that was to be pluck away from him. Daily, she fought the lustful desire to touch Abigail one more time; the hot flushes and longing to hold her into her embrace and touch every part of her body. Oh, what shameful act! She knew there was no future here, how can you tell the world you are engaged to be married to your best friend, it wasn’t a question of who will marry you as she knew some States where it was now legal to marry two women but what of their families and friends, the church of God and in the sight of God. Shameful act! Each time, she teaches and plays with the kids in Sunday school, her heart bleeds for one of those but she couldn’t have that in her life as long as she was tight down in this relationship.
Everyone in Church was always eager of them to get married, they knew them as best friend, Abigail was the most pleasant usher you could never meet, and she was humbled and very pleasant to everyone. In fact, many of those visiting the church for the first time always did come back because of the reception they received from her. The Church loved her, she was a valuable asset to them, and she comes to church during the week to clean the whole auditorium, toilet and everywhere for the service. She was ready to serve anywhere needed. She was a good person and had a good heart towards the things of God.
Sometimes, she’s had people in church trying to match make her with their brothers or friends they knew were single; they always say they would make good wives and mother as she was the most pleasant and good woman they did ever met. Yes, they were right, Abigail was down to earth, and she could do anything for anyone, irrespective of who you are. She never judges you and would even give a word of encouragement to those in distress. She wasn’t so rich but the little she had, she would give to the youth struggling to pay for tuition and those less fortunate. She was down to earth. That was Abigail, the best friend you can never have but not the best lover to another woman. Then, she did it, the day finally came, Bridget planned the whole thing out; Abigail had gone home for a family function which Bridget had declined due to pretence illness. Before Abigail could come back, she had packed all of her things, left a message and left the house. Out of all the decisions she did ever made in her life, this was the most difficult, leaving the one you have spent years with even if the relationship was immoral, they had never for once left one another. She begged her and asked her not to look for her as this decision was to be made and if indeed Abigail says she loves, she would let her leave and not bother to look for her. Bridget was grateful her mother had travelled to another country to settle in, so she knew Abigail couldn’t contact her for her whereabouts.
It’s been almost six years since she took the decision that later changed the course of her life and now, seeing Abigail back into her life was something she wasn’t sure about. If indeed Peter was going to marry her, then, there’s no escaping from her. From the way Abigail spoke to her early today in church, she wasn’t sure of her intention and she wasn’t even sure Abigail could ever be involve with a man, not talk of marriage. Again, who is she to judge, after all, she is married now to the love of her life, who is a pastor and her life has never been better since she understood the true meaning of being a child of God. So many thought ran through her, a part of her could not trust Abigail, what if, she finally found her out and thought the only way she could come back into her life was through their lavish brother in law who will get into any woman’s skirt but Peter also has been committed since he announced he had met his soul mate and was ready to settle down.
Bridget never wants to go back to that part of her life but she knew there was no escape now as everything might be exposed to everyone. Abigail has also been mischievous and always gets what she wants no matter the cost. She was scared of what to come, what if the whole church get to know that their pastor’s wife, a minister in church was once a lesbian and practiced the act she so preached against and warns all the youth about. She thought of all the names, she could be called, hypocrite, liar, sinner, lesbians, betrayal, all sort.
Not only that, she thought about her in-laws who were not in support of her relationship with Mark from the beginning. They felt she was taking advantage of their son due to his quiet and godly nature especially his wealth but after three years of their marriage, things were looking good for them, they are beginning to warm up to her but now that Abigail is back and soon to be their daughter in-law, she was scared of what they would think of her now if her secrets comes out. What would Peter say? How would her husband feel about the whole things? Would this destroy everything she has worked for? Can Mark take the heat when things become unbearable for them? She wished she had never met Abigail in her life or better still, she never indulged herself in such act, things they both did together that her mouth could never explain such details to anyone, not even her pen could write them. They were shameful act, even though they were born and raise in the church and yet, they were the worst sinner and hypocrite. How would she survive the coming days?

To be Continued.

© Circlesoflove 2012

Written by Abimbola Circlesoflove

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  1. @circlesoflove,, i like the direction of the story…however you have to watch out for certain errors and structure your sentences appropriately. the beginning was good but it seemed like you struggled in the middle and at the end. Good work though, look forward to the next part
    For example: “…although she was very nice and cared so much about her but her attention was becoming an obsession..”
    “…her shock and surprised had made her scream…”
    “..what if the whole church get to know..”

    1. @Febby, thank you for reading and your comment. I appreciate it!
      Will post the concluding part soon.

  2. Nice plot but seems rushed, you slipped into telling not showing, it read like a confession to me. I really liked the plot. Good effort…

    1. @Elly. Thanks for reading.

  3. Cool story..
    I’ve read some of your stories, and they come out the same way. Interesting story lines with technical errors that usually detract from it. Please go over your story, maybe give it to a friend to help you too.

    Waiting for the next and hoping it comes out clean.
    Well done Abby…$ß

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