Before my hour Cometh

Strip me of my cloak,

Of dust,

Commit me down to,

earth’s crust,

Tomorrow dies,

Across the bridge,

But tarry your feet,

Till I kiss my dreams.


Time is nothing but prey,

To the fangs of death.

Hurry while you may,

For the sun surely, will set.

Like glass, cast,

Into a valley of stones,

So are dreams and goals,

floating debris on sea waves.


I speak, no echo

I call, no answer

The silence of the dead,

Speaks to the living,

Earth is just a stop,

On the journey of life,

Only death knows

What lies on the other side.


Before my hour cometh,

As the withering of a rose,

Before I sacrifice mortality,

On the altar of death.

Bind them, the hands of time

Till my dreams fall through,

Like a comet,

Through the night sky.


My heart is heavy,

With plans.

Spun like cobwebs,

To trap opportunities.

But time dances,

Like a masquerade.

Gyrating in the square,

To the drumbeats of death.



3 thoughts on “Before my hour Cometh” by chika nwakanma (@afroxyz)

  1. I can only smile! What more is there?

  2. @afroxyz I read your poem again and again… a truly great piece… keep on undressing the beautifully curves of your mind…

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