African Nerd 5

African Nerd 5


I turn to behold another figure. Short and petite, with elfin ears, big brown eyes, yet weighed down with age in face. I remember him . He is the one they call Minion.

“What the hell? So I wasn’t dreaming?! It was all real?” I shriek out in terror.

“Come out now, little one. No-one will hurt you now ”, Minion beckoned to the Ugly one in the bushes , totally ignoring my question.

The Ugly beast now pushes itself away from the cover of the vegetation. This thing was crouching all the while. As it stands up to its true height, I can’t help but momentarily forget my plight to wonder at his form. He was three metres in height, with skin of red, bearing only two fingers on each hand. Its face, I can’t describe its face, it is the most horrible sight I have ever seen. With eyes of pure wretchedness. Its countenance was difficult to look upon.

This is what Minion is calling little one?! I place my hands to the top of my head in disbelief.

I quickly drop my machete. It is a useless weapon against such thick-skinned monstrosity. I look down to Jill, she is a brave dog. But her bravery has limits like anyone’s, she is shivering at my feet, letting off one or two frightened barks every now and then.

My mother’s shout from inside the house suddenly startles me.

“Ayomide! Why is Jill barking?”

F*ck! I have totally forgotten about my mother. What will I say? She won’t understand, she can easily die of an heart attack.

“She can’t see us. We are not fully materialized in your realm. We are only partly here”, said Minion in an apparent bid to calm me.

“But I can see you, my dog can see you.”

“You see us only because we want you to. As for your pet, she is a beast of the gods. We can’t hide from her gaze.”

“It is just the chickens!” I shout back to my mother

“What do you want with me?” I ask Minion.

“We have come to you with word from the underworld. Lord Hades wishes to give you details of your assignment. Come with me.”

As I make my way toward Minion, suddenly a red hand pulls me back. Holding, a meter above the ground. I feel the two fingers of the beast against my neck, tight as my my mothers’ wallet. Jill barks out in my defence. The beast easily sweeps her aside with one swift kick.

“Let him be! Jargon! I say let him be! Stop this madness! He is not an enemy!”, I hear Minion shout out at the beast.

But the ugly beast tightens its hold around my neck. I strike at the obviously uncontrollable beast with my machete, but my blow lets off nothing but sparks. I am going out of breath. The world is darkening in my eyes. Everything is spinning. My head is heavy. I feel the cold hands of death.

As I black out I see a man on an okada, with a scythe in one hand. He rides towards me, blackness over his face, redness in his eyes. This is the god of death, Thanatos himself.

Suddenly a darkness descends. The beast acknowledging the presence, releases its grip from me and bows to its knees. I fall to ground, trying so hard to catch my breath. I can still see the god of death, he is angry, he is driving away from me this time. He is angry, I feel it. A soul has escaped his hold.

As soon as I regain my breath, I look up from the ground where I lay. I see Jill beside a pair of legs, I look up the legs to meet my mother’s face. She has clearly witnessed the whole strangling incident. I don’t know what she saw. But with the look of shock on her face, I know it can’t be good.

“What just happened?” She asks amid frightened looks.

“Erm… Ermm…” , my brain tries so hard to figure out an explanation.

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