A Lust Intervention

A Lust Intervention

On a certain cold night, forces come to play and  a man finds out he must fight a certain craving for a warmth he desires.



Tarlumun gazed at Amina. He tried to pick out what it was about her that held him most captive. It wasn’t much of a successful exercise. Not with her so close; not with her scent in his nose. She concentrated on the portable DVD player. He had given it to her just yesterday and was glad she loved it. Glad he could do something for her. He had come to Mbanor where he had finished an assignment some two months ago. It was during the assignment – the construction of the new hospital, that he had met her.

“Have you eaten anything?” she asked breaking into his thoughts.


“You want to kill yourself?” She headed for the kitchen.

“No, you don’t have to…” It was just formality. He had come to relish her meals. It was one of the things that had drawn him to her. It was what had endeared her to him first. She had come to the site to inquire if she could get a contract to supply some building materials. She had walked straight to him and stated her mission without any fear or preamble, almost rudely. He did not have time for such girls; he did not have time at all. He had told her that there was no room for such and that she should not bother coming again. He was sure he wouldn’t see her again. He had a voice that could send a platoon running. The hunger of that afternoon added a coarseness that he knew would chase a legion of demons away. He had forgotten about her till later that evening when she came with a flask of food. It was near perfect timing for he had planned to stay four more hours on the site. Still, he had to ask a few questions:

“What is this?”

“You sounded like someone who would need a meal at the end of each day.”

Ignoring his instincts, he had smiled and eaten the food with bliss. She became a near regular visitor to the site. It wasn’t long before he became a regular visitor to her house.

Ohh!” Again, her voice brought him back to her present. The DVD battery had gone out. “And I don’t know when this PHCN would bring light!” After a while, she added “The room is stuffy, maybe we should go out for some air. I am taking your food out for you.” They stepped out to the veranda and sat under the almond tree that stood in the middle of the compound. He ate his meal very quickly and as she carried the plates back to the room, he took the opportunity to assess her figure or rather, her backside properly. The buttocks were just alright – alluring.

She came back. He used the light of the full moon to assess her face as she spoke. He took her hand in one of his and with the other, stroked her face gently. She continued talking as if she wasn’t the one being stroked so. He tickled her in the ribs, the ear and she tickled him back too. They giggled lightly. He started feeling the cold. Then, it was her buttocks he was feeling. He had several ideas… His instincts warned him. His ethics and faith shouted. He remembered his fiancée, Nnena at home. Wouldn’t it be a betrayal? Several thoughts came to his mind… He stood up and told her he was leaving. She objected and they played a bit more… Then, he stood up and headed for the main road. He knew he had to get a bike or taxi back home and fast. He was losing his strength and resistance. ‘Nnena’ the name kept jumping to his thoughts. A bike came at full speed. Amina tried flagging it down but Tarlumun told her not to waste her time as the bike man wouldn’t stop. She persisted and true to his words, the bike passed. She was amazed:

“How did you know?”

“I feel.” He answered lightly and moved to grab her in a bear hug. She was glowing.

“What else do you feel?”


She sounded a bit confused: “Warmth?” The twinkle in her eyes said something else, showed an understanding “It is cold!”

He flagged down an oncoming vehicle and turned to her: “I mean you are warm, and open.” She was smiling.

He called his destination and the driver announced an outrageous amount. He haggled the fare with the driver. There were hardly any passengers around. Having the premonition it would take some time to reach an agreement, the driver killed the engine to push for a proper bargain. He wasn’t in a hurry. Amina tried to discourage Tarlumun’s leaving. Tarlumun tried to discourage himself too but felt a force pulling him into the vehicle. The name, ‘Nnena’ played on in his heart. Between pleading with Amina that he had to leave and haggling further, his brain played ‘to be’ or ‘not to be’ games. The engine came alive; no time. He stepped away from the car and hugged her. She hugged tight, trying to draw him back.

“It seems you might be staying a while.” She hugged him to her chest and he felt the stiffness that her berries had come to be. He clung on to her till something deep shouted into his ears – Nnena! He pushed Amina and rushed after and into the car:

“Drive, fast!”


It was a cold night and he was going to regret not taking the extra meal but, it was worth it. As his body lashed him, his conscience patted him.


As the taillights of the car darkened away to the night, a demon whispered: “What happened? How could you let him go? We made everything perfect. All it took was for you to insist!”

“I tried. I used all the powers. I even put the final potent love powder in his meal today!”

“It is too bad. He is taking his prosperity and a lot of more blessings that could easily have been yours – the merging of two into one. He could have been your slave. Too bad Amina. You know the repercussions of your failure, don’t you?”

She shivered.


In a distant place:

“Amen.” Nnena said, crossing herself and concluding her intercessory prayer for her Tarlumun.

79 thoughts on “A Lust Intervention” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Thank God for intercessory prayers. Beautiful story.

    1. @topazo: Thanks! People don’t know the power… Thanks.

  2. Sueddie, well done boss! Though I didn’t feel this as much as I’m supposed to and very little attention was paid to descriptions too…

    Good luck bro!

    1. Ah…that’s sad @francis… We would work on getting something to your fancy as time goes on :)
      Don’t mind my style of describing too much – don’t really like it that well. Interrupts the gist…
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. Cheers!

  3. Beautiful story Sueddie. I loved it.

    Well done.

    1. @chemokopi: That’s a deep compliment. Thanks Chemo!!

  4. Su’eddie this is excellente, I loved every bit of it. Very concise and to the point.

    1. Thanks @elly!! That really is nice of you to say. Fortunately, we blacks don’t have the gift of going crimson in the cheek! :)

  5. @Suddie : beautifully written. Clean and neat. You have gone far, though I do not like the demon whispering part. i think you could have been more practical. Weldone.

    here’s the link to my story: http://www.naijastories.com/2012/12/okula-a-daughters-vengeance/

    pls read and comment.

  6. @sueddie: here’s the link to my story: http://www.naijastories.com/2012/12/okula-a-daughters-vengeance/
    pls read and comment. thank u sir.

    1. @omojola. Sometimes its the ‘impracticable’ that catches us in life o! :)
      Thank you bro for dropping by. Would get to yours soon. Many thanks.

  7. Hmm, I feel the title should have been “A Nnenna intervention” instead (smiles). Well, I think you should have taken more time to tell the story; it almost seemed as if you felt the same urgency to “run” like your MC, lolz. Then, the resolution was quite sketchy.
    Well… kudos. You can also read my entry here – http://www.naijastories.com/2012/12/in-times-like-this/

    1. @petunia007: if it isn’t our very own lost one! Wow!
      Resolution was sketchy? Do explore a bit more. Of course, there’s always a chance to get it better. Isn’t that why we post?
      Glad to have you back sis… Thanks.

  8. Hehehehe…the end caught me.

    Well done, Su’

    1. @babyada: Thanks! Hmm, seriously, if I was to cast for an Nnena, dear lady, you’d be the first person to come to my mind :)

      Wait, where’s the link to your tale?

  9. CHARLES (@literarymouthpiece)

    Thank God for his life o. Narrow escape.

    Good luck to you.

    Here is a link to mine: http://www.naijastories.com/2012/12/fountain-of-tears/

    1. @literarymouthpiece: Abi o!
      Would get to it. Thanks.

  10. The setting needs work.What POV did you use?It is a nice story but I don’t know your character.Please read my entry and tell me what you think.Hint the punctuation is bad.IT is the world lost it’s colour.Comment freely on the plot,pov,character,setting and theme.

    1. @khadijahmuhammad: Hey! You are alive! Tried getting to you severally without success. Yaya ne?
      Now, about all the things you mentioned… hmm, okay. If you find descriptions to my short tales, you might have to keep searching! :) The narrative P.O.V is omniscient and character-wise thrugh Tarlumun… Why ask?
      Started your tale – the Garki tale, ja? Would get back to it soon.
      Owe you some. Would give my thoughts. Saanu.

      1. @khadijahmuhammad: Please, send me a link to your story…
        Compliments of the New Year.

  11. I like the title. Twould get one to read, same goes for the summary.

    And if there comes a thought for someone, please pray, for lotsa Aminas abound.
    Lovely story Su’. Well done. $ß.

    1. Okay, I didn’t get the second sentence of the first line but okay… Thanks.
      Thank you for the comment @sibbylwhyte … I do pray you say me some prayers too! We all need us some :) Cheers!

      1. @sueddie, Thank goodness you don’t get it!

        U know you are in my prayers.

        1. Oh! The lusting thing got you to read @sibbylwhyte, abi? Hohoho!
          Just don’t go about winking too much ;)
          Thank you. Aondo ngu a we. M sugh u.

  12. The story is good and brief too. Good luck in the competition.

    1. Thanks @strongself… The critic has spoken! :)
      How are you jare?

  13. Thumps up. Theme on point! Conflict too! But we didn’t get to know what exactly Amina wanted. Pls check out my entry. http://www.naijastories.com/2012/12/ripples-of-evil/#comment-96753

    1. @bamto: Thanks for the kind words… Now, are you sure you don’t know what Amina wanted? ;)

      Would get to reading your work shortly. Cheers!

  14. Well, methinks that there are many possibilities. She may just be a sex pervert; she may be in need of a husband. She may be interested in his money/inheritance; or she may want to use him for rituals!

    1. Yes, @bamto… I would ordinarily like that but sometimes one has to go a bit different.
      You know, this tales seem to have a life of their own that if you twist too much sometimes you end up breaking. Truly, I didn’t know when but the demon wanted to talk to Amina and it just forced itself there…sneaked up on me! :)
      Thanks for the feedback. I would look to revising a few things… Cheers!

  15. Hmmnnn…. Best of luck bro.

    1. @banky: Hmm? What hmm is hmm? Hmm…

  16. I liked!..title’s great to me..dats wat got me to read it…

    1. @Katiee: Glad you ‘liked’ it. The title was originally ‘Gaze’ but somehow, it decided to change itself… So, here we are! :) How are you? Been some time….

      1. @Katiee: Do you have Plateau blood in any way? Sometimes your picture gives me that feel…or is it the name? Tell me there’s no Northern tie and I would smile away shyly…

        1. hehe!!..plateau blood yha say??….yhu should start smiling thou..coz theres no northerness(if dats even correct english)..NOT A TRACE!!

      2. yeah…I’ve been gawd!..

        1. Okay, I am officially covering my face!! Ouch!
          I couldn’t have been more wrong, abi? Where are you from?
          Hmm. Kai! Oh well, really nice to know you okay…
          Lest I forget: Happy New Year!

          1. Hehe..happyyour wrong..pluz the name’s english…hehe..HAPPY NEW YEAR too:-)

  17. Good story. Short, succinct. Was a little confused though, until I re-read it; didn’t know where to place them(Tarlumun and Amina) in my mind. Were they at Amina’s house or Tarlumun’s, or some other place entirely? Still loved it regardless; loved it enough to re-read it. ;) Good luck :)

    1. @IdiAce: Hey, those are warm words. The story says ‘Thanks’…
      Like you, I wonder where they are too. From the look of things, and considering certain things, I’d like to think that they are at Amina’s… don’t you think so? :)
      Thanks for reading, re-reading and even commenting! May the day bring you lots of goodwill and Christmas give you much to celebrate. Cheers!

  18. Lovely piece! Short with a punch… You really are good sire, well done!

    1. @excellency: Sorry, somehow I missed this…
      Thank you for the warm compliment! Smiling seriously here! Do you have a tale in the competition?

      1. @sueddie, I don’t have any…

    1. Thanks @jefsaraurmax! Still smiling at the memory of the Granny love tale of yours. Few people could have brought something that unusual. There’s just something exotic about that tale… something sweetly mushy… Hmm. Oh, you!!

      1. thanks @sueddie, but it’s not granny love, it’s just love.People don’t stop loving because they get older.The idea of the story is about sacrifice and commitment and how some people give up their dreams for the sake of their family and doing the right thing. She met him when she was still young but they were both married and her commitment to her family was more important to her than her feelings.Her selflessness is what the story is about and the bond she had with her granddaughter.My grandmother was a great woman and I had a very strong relationship with her.She inspired me for the story.The scene when she looks at her hand actually hapened.Everything else about her is made up though. :-)

        1. @jefsaraurmax: Oh! Was teasing on the granny love!
          Got the idea of the story and yes, since I read it, it has remained with me. You know, very deep. I really – what’s the word, respect, love, honour (?) – parental bonds. It gets to me, the whole family connections and all. I admire people who met their grandparents. They are simply special and a blessing. I’ve had bonds with people who came to be something like that for me – though some were not even blood. It’s something to treasure.
          I guess that’s why I really got to feel your story. That sacrifice is something I’ve seen severally and it remains an eternal mystery I respect. The way people would sacrifice deeply and set it aside. Yes, sometimes the regrets come and all but through it all, they live on smiling in that sacrifice so that what they hold dear wouldn’t be shattered.
          Hmm. Still doffing the hat…

  19. I enjoyed reading this :) All the best.

    1. @yejide-kilanko: The smiley makes the comment look finer!
      THANK YOU very much!!!

  20. The power of intercession. Beautiful! Simply beautiful!! Great work. Very vivid and something we all can relate to. Check out mine: Black Friday. Your observations are welcome.

    1. @saymalcolm: Thank you.
      I would get to it soon. Can you please send me a link? There really are many.

        1. @saymalcolm: Okay. Read the story. Would drop word there soon…

  21. Yay! I love this! But I think the spelling of the name is “Nnenna”. Good one! Cheers.
    Please read my entry as well

    1. @missmeddle a.k.a Madam Teddy :)
      Thanks. Noted…
      Would get to your entry shortly. How’re you doing? Hope you are great…
      Thanks for dropping by… Cheers.

  22. Very nice one. Would have preferred an ending without the religious angle but all the same the ending was very fantastic.

    Another favourite for the contest.

    1. @jaywriter: Thank you…
      Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have put that angle… @bamto thinks so too.

      Seriously, Jay, thanks. Being appreciated always means much. Anything else is secondary.
      May the times smile on us all. Cheers!

  23. Me like…sorry I wont say much now…looking for errors to highlight and failed.

    1. @xikay: Thanks man!
      Would get you better glasses when we jam :)

  24. Cool. The power of prayers. Men and lust. hump! I kind of like the religious end, especially now that i am trying ever so hard to be close to God

    1. @peverx: I do wish you great luck in your bid to get closer… don’t we all need that grace?
      Yeah. I pray you find that closeness today and everyday. Thanks.

  25. Nice write up. Prayers surely move mountains. Good story with good morals to learn from. I love the way the story ended. Beautiful story, keep it up.

    1. @Judith85: Thanks. That end was inspired – is inspired by those many lovely great people particularly women – whether they be our spouses or parents who always stand in the gap for us. We sure need angels everyday. They are those to us, many times even in their imperfection.
      Thank you for reading. Cheers!

  26. I put a spell on you….cause you’re mine! er rm….not!

    Su’ ….now why aint I surprised you wrote this? :)

    1. @dottaraphels: Hey! Don’t lie, you were surprised!! Got ya! Hee hee hee.
      WE are growing old on this channel, yea? Oh well. Clean the ‘not’ big sis :)

      1. hehehehe, Su’

        1. Wait a minute!! I didn’t notice that the picture has changed here too!
          Na wa o! Niceey!

  27. Wonderful, @sueddie. shorter than i had expected. there is power in prayer and then there is power in the word of the mind. you remember the question in the Katekisema that asks how God communicates to us? I’m sure you do. “…Sha imo i ken ishima man…” please make it up, hehehe. it was a well-delivered story, so well delivered that i found myself an Oliver Twist in my mind asking for more. best of luck.

    1. Angom, you remember what happened with Oliver Twist na… I give you same here! :)
      Kwa u katekisema ka kwa u kiliki ga. Aondo hemba.
      M sugh u kpishi je.

  28. Amazing….prayers saves

    1. @schatzilein: Hey, that’s a really pretty picture there.
      Thanks. May they work for us plenty jare! Thanks!

  29. @sueddie I like the story. You kind of avoided dragging out the erotic bits…and that point of return was not too far gone, it would have been harder for him and a greater victory if he had removed his trousers? Anyway great read.

    1. @lulu: Oga Senior Scribe, thank you for the note. It sure makes sense…but in this circumstance, where do you think the trouser thing might have happened? It would sure bring about plenty distorting…
      About the whole throwing out eros… Hee hee hee! I don’t want Pastor’s wahala!

      Thank you, really much.

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