A Drop of Wonder

A Drop of Wonder

Ever wondered what a drop of rain thinks on its way down to earth?

Does it know so much, or only so little?

Does it know that earth was from where it came?

Or that somehow its vapor found its way,

cloud-bound on one hot sunny day,

into the cloud womb to be nurtured and bred?


With the cloud its only home,

friends and family to gather around

in times of dynamics and varying statistics

loose condensation and over saturation.

habitation becoming threatened habituation,

the clouds around are closing in.


Nature at war with the concept of nurture,

off-springs struggling to survive the torture;

the very atmosphere becomes the battlefield

as the solar system tears the veil apart.

Revealing a fragile, defenseless and unsuspecting contender.

Nature is over-matched, yet the battle lives on.


It ends.

The predictions, talks and premonitions,

of when it all shall come, has come.

Yet talks of liberation lightens the core with hope.

But it’s all been said before,

and it’s always been about the fall.



In the last moments of wonder, it wonders,

“If it all has been,

and it all will be,

then the now is Past,

and then Past,

only so will be… The future.”


A mighty big unending,

is all that has been,

is, and will be.

Earth is only the beginning.

The beginning of an end that will only begin.

and all else is history; the great circle of existence.


And as all of its

crashes down in that free-fall to earth

in all but humble acceptance

of its role in the big circle of change,

the Wondering Rain wonders….

“is this what a human soul ponders on its way to the great beyond?”


                                                                                                           “…..the truth of one’s existence…..

                                                                                                                                                                  all flashes before his eyes, in that moment of true liberation….”









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  1. … a beautiful poem…

  2. This person thinks too plenty!

    This is awesome.

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