Writing Competition – Give us your best Short

Writing Competition – Give us your best Short

NaijaStories.com is pleased to announce another online writing contest titled “Give us your best Short” to be judged by Chika Unigwe. We want to read your best short story. You can write in any genre, but bear in mind the five elements of a short story – Plot, Point of View, Character, Setting, and Theme. Conflict is not compulsory but it gives your story that extra oomph. We’re looking for really good shorts and winners may be selected for the next NS Anthology. So, Give Us Your Best Short!

About the Judge

Chika Unigwe is an award winning Nigerian author based in Belguim. Chika’s novel, On Black Sisters’ Street, recently won the 2012 NLNG Literature Prize for Fiction. She won the 2003 BBC Short Story Competition for her story “Borrowed Smile”, a Commonwealth Short Story Award for “Weathered Smiles” and a Flemish literary prize for “De Smaak van Sneeuw”, her first short story written in Dutch. (Read about Chika Unigwe HERE)


Dates for Contest:

The contest opens November 21 and submissions end on December 20, 2012.
Release of the Longlisted Stories – January 5th
First Round Polls and Naijastories Scoring- January 6th – 12th
Shortlist released – January 13th
Public Choice Ratings – Jan 14th to January 19th
Final Judging – January 14th to January 20th 2013
The winner will be announced by January 21st 2013.


Prizes :

First Prize – 200,000 points ($200)

Second Prize – 100,000 points ($100)

Third Prize – 50,000 points ($50)

2 Public Choice Winners – 25,000 points (25) each


Contest Guidelines:

1. You must be a registered member of Naijastories.com.

2. Submit your entry as a post with a title that illustrates your entry.

3. In the body of the post, provide a 1 or 2 sentence summary of your short story and then the complete story;

4. Your entry should be between 1000 and 2500 words.

5. Put the entry in the category of “Best Short” and press the button, “Submit for Review”.


Contest Procedure:

Stage 1. – All the entries that meet the contest rules will be long-listed and put to the public poll.

Stage 2. – The Naija Stories team will score the accepted entries. This will be added to votes polled to select the top 10 entries.

Stage 3a. – The Site Ratings System will be used to select 2 top stories for the Public Choice Awards

Stage 3b. – Chika Unigwe will select the top winners of the competition.


Judging Criteria:

– The initial site editor will be checking for clean use of the English language, so polish your grammar and keep typos to a minimum please! We will also be looking for creativity, so go on and give it your all.

– The final judge will be looking for great writing. Be genuine! Be unique! Be original!

If you have any questions, please send a mail to admin@naijastories.com.

Good Luck and Get Writing!

25 thoughts on “Writing Competition – Give us your best Short” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Profile photo of chemokopi
    chemokopi (@chemokopi): Head Wordsmith - 294407 pts

    Hmmmm…this is nice. Well done @admin. Let this bring out the best from NS writers. And to think the judge is this year’s NLNG prize winner! NS is going places o.

  2. Profile photo of Seun-Odukoya
    Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya): Head Wordsmith - 110830 pts


    Let’s see how that goes.

    1. Profile photo of Emmanuel Ocean
      Emmanuel Ocean (@Rubytime20): Junior Writer - 1441 pts

      Pls what time of the year does this competition comes up?

  3. Profile photo of sassystel
    sassystel (@ibagere): Scribe - 10607 pts

    This is great, just great! @admin, you rock.

  4. Profile photo of khadijahmuhammad
    khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad): Senior Scribe - 25972 pts

    I will give it my very best.This is great.

  5. Profile photo of khadijahmuhammad
    khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad): Senior Scribe - 25972 pts

    I think I have to give it my second best.Their is still the commonwealth writers short story competition.

    1. Profile photo of EXCELLENCY
      EXCELLENCY (@excellency): Scribe - 13400 pts

      I’d say give them both your best, and let the judges decide…

  6. Profile photo of sunday
    sunday (@sunday): Newbie - 449 pts

    This is alright.

  7. Profile photo of EXCELLENCY
    EXCELLENCY (@excellency): Scribe - 13400 pts

    Good and quite motivating

  8. Profile photo of adams
    adams (@coshincozor): Scribe - 14661 pts

    this warms the brain!

  9. Profile photo of kaycee
    kaycee (@kaycee): Head Wordsmith - 158968 pts

    I will post something up.
    @admin, you didn’t say if the story must be original and not previously published and if writers can submit more than one story.

  10. Profile photo of lactoo
    lactoo (@louis): Scribe - 17835 pts

    sweet, guess i have to start writing now.

  11. Profile photo of zubi
    zubi (@Zubi): Junior Writer - 1343 pts

    Please o, I am a novice in this… I wanted to know if i could post the story I wanted to submit for this Competition to Naijastories then submit here after my co-writers is done with their scrutiny?

    1. Profile photo of Admin
      Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 77974 pts

      Hello @zubi. Please, only submit the story directly for the competition as described in the post above.

  12. Profile photo of zubi
    zubi (@Zubi): Junior Writer - 1343 pts

    @Admin, can one submit play too?

    1. Profile photo of Admin
      Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 77974 pts

      @zubi This contest is for short stories.

  13. Profile photo of Theodora
    Theodora (@Theodora): Newbie - 459 pts

    Will start now

  14. Profile photo of Eccentricity
    Eccentricity (@Eccentricity): Beginner - 784 pts

    New here….not sure how this works, I’ve tried looking for stories under this category and nothing comes up. Does this mean no one has submitted or are the stories being kept under wraps until a particular day and then unveiled?


    1. Profile photo of Admin
      Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 77974 pts

      @Eccentricity, that is right. All the submitted stories will be published in the days just before the deadline. Cheers.

      1. Profile photo of Jefsaraurmax
        Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax): Scribe - 16079 pts

        @admin, please let me know when the submitted stories will be posted.Thanks.

  15. Profile photo of olabam
    olabam (@bamto): Junior Writer - 1058 pts

    All attempts to submit entry have so far been futile. What’s wrong? Which way to go?

  16. Profile photo of Admin
    Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 77974 pts

    @bamto Please go to the link below, then copy and paste your entry.


  17. Profile photo of Eniola Oyewo
    Eniola Oyewo (@Kiks40): Newbie - 140 pts

    OMG! I have to get to work really fast. I accidentally stumbled on this in my search for writing competitions. As always and I think is a necessary attitude for every writer, I’m optimistic about this…will definitely give it my best, by God’s grace. ON My Mark, GETTING ready, About to be Set, then OFF I GO soon. 🙂

  18. Profile photo of Malcolm O. Ifi
    Malcolm O. Ifi (@saymalcolm): Head Wordsmith - 93391 pts

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Just submitted mine. I hope its good enough to win first prize! 🙂

  19. Profile photo of Daireen
    Daireen (@daireenonline): Scribe - 17967 pts

    Er, I hope some people will not enter this one and spoil market for me oo =)) that said, this is a really good development. Will have to edit and re-edit then edit some more…

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