Uyi by the Crescent

Uyi by the Crescent

Palm oil on my shirt

Okin biscuit in my pocket

On my way to school

Not a care in the world

I had forty Naira in my hands

A stroll on Zambia road

Barnawa shone bright in the morning

4 thoughts on “Uyi by the Crescent” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. This has a master stroke about it; something that can be forgivable because a master wrote it.

  2. If the last three lines had connected well with the first four, I would have called this great. But this is very good.

  3. Just like oga@chemokopi has said,-

    the last three lines are just not in line with the previous ones just as the last line is a bad ending.

    Perhaps it would have been okay (excluding the last two lines) if ‘I had forty Naira in my hands’ had came before the fourth line. But then, the speaker here is a kid and you might consider using 20naira..

    In short, take out the last two lines and think of better ones.

    Keep writing bro!

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