TOF Ch2 – A Camouflaged Serpent 1

TOF Ch2 – A Camouflaged Serpent 1

Two- A Camouflaged Serpent.

Thank God for God, because God made God and the God that God made, made us. As weird as it might sound, I still thank God for God. I’ve finally drew to the resolution that man is a domestic animal which if treated with firmness and kindness, can be trained to do most things. Man is the most extra-ordinary computer of all; oh yes, after all said and done, man remains the most complicated.
The day was a Tuesday, and the time was twenty minutes past two. It’s just remaining ten minutes for school dismissal. I had just locked the library for the day, preparing to head for my class to pack my stuff and get ready for school dismissal. Almost as immediately as I had locked the library, a student came running towards me panting profusely from running all the way from her classroom block to the library.
“Senior Stanley, please I forgot my mathematics notebook and my ball pen in the library earlier on when I came for studies,” the fifteen year old ebony skinned SS1 student said pleadingly. Her eyes were pure purple.
“You’d better be fast, I want to be at the dismissal assembly and I don’t wanna be late for lunch.” I announced as I unlocked the padlock and pushed the ledger door inside as it swung open.
“Okay senior, thanks” she hummed as she immediately jumped into the library and headed straight to where she had sat earlier on. There she found her math notebook but couldn’t find her pen. She stood transfixed for a moment, as if in deep concentration and meditation, then almost in a flash, she dashed off to the book shelve and picked up a novel from the non-African books counter. It was Animal Farm by George Orwell. She flipped the pages fastly, running her right thumb across the edge of the book.
“It was this book that I was reading, and I was the one that folded this page 56 so that I will continue from there when next I come. I know I kept the pen here, in this page. Maybe someone’s has taken it.” She concluded pitifully and I felt for her loss, although I didn’t show it. My face remained expressionless.
“Where exactly did you keep it?” I asked, stepping into the library. I had been at the door all the while, waiting for her to pick up her stuff and come out so that I will lock the library and go for my lunch. Dismissal assembly was already over.
“I’m sure I kept it here, in this book. I used the pen in following the lines in the book because the font was tiny.” She was almost sobbing as she fixed the book back to its position on the shelve. I pitied her, I became determined to help her get back her pen. I resolved within me to make sure she gets her pen back.
“You’re sure, it’s this novel?” I asked for the umpteenth time just for asking sake, mainly because I don’t know what else to say. My main aim was to console her.
“Yes senior, I’m sure” was her silent reply. Tears were already dripping from her eyes. I guess this pen must be very dear to her.
“Here, take” I offered my white hankie to her which she collected the wiped her eye.
“Thank you so much senior.”
“You’re welcome, anytime. I’ll like you to write down the prominent features of the pen for me, so that if I may by chance set my eyes on it… be sure to include the ink colour, pen size, cover colour, manufacturer, label. Anything at all that will help. I promise I will do my best to get it back for you.” I assured her.
“Thank you,” she said giving back my hankie. I just smiled and told her she could keep it for herself. She wrote down some features of the pen which includes that it has seven different ink colours which can be switched. Once again, I assured her that everything will be just fine.
“You’re so kind, loving and caring. I bet your girlfriend must be the luckiest girl in the world. I just wish it was me,” she pronounced. Her words were unadulterated, it was pure and striking. I felt an ounce of pride sprang up within me. Truly, Angel is the luckiest girl in the world having a guy like me. If only I could just tell her to her face that I’m in love with her and that I want her to be my girlfriend officially.
Voluntarily, my lips parted in order to let words omit but none was coming forth. After about five seconds of an awkward sort of silence, she walked up to me and Boom, it happened. A heavy explosion of feelings- she kissed me.
Wow! twas fascinating. I just can’t get myself to comprehend what happened or how it had happened. It happened in a flash; a lightning. The kiss wasn’t even a peck, it was a real passionate kiss labeled with intimacy. Her lips met mine and her tongue snaked it’s way into my mouth and entwined with mine for some seconds.
“Stop! What do you think you’re doing?” I pushed her away and asked. She had bitten my lower lip slightly as she unlocked her lips from mine. I saw a devilish grin in her face. A sweet smile of ‘mission accomplished’ lit up in her face from the corner of her lips.
“Of course you know what I’m doing. I am giving you what the girl you have crushes on won’t give you in the near future. Just tell me that you didn’t enjoy it and I won’t do it again. Stanley, I want you! Cant you see that I’m in love with you?” she said seductively raising her skirt a little bit higher exposing more of her dark hair filled fleshy thighs. She walked up to me again with chest high, in her blouse her breasts stood erect looking like two cupped punches of a heavyweight champion in it’s glove.
Believe me when I say I was tempted to the core, but when she reached me and wanted to rest her body on mine, the words of the manager came running back to me from the past. “ it is the best place within the school environment that one can do what Nora and Mark did- teenage sex… I’ve got eyes even in the darkest of place most especially the library… don’t fail me Stan- I trust you.” Just like a hallucination, I saw the school manager’s face hover above my head, repeating the exact words he had said to me days ago.
I shut my eyes tightly and locked my lips inside my mouth as I used all the determination and force I could muster and pushed the girl away- this time for good.
“Get off me,” I yelled. How on earth could she I mean how could she, a junior student just walk up to me and… How could she even claim she wants me? Wow!
“Who are you? Whats your name?” I queried the dark lass as I recovered from shock. The pretty girl stood mute, gazing seductively into my eyes as she continued lifting her skirt almost up to her hips. Her undies was almost in full view, it took me great focus not to lose concentration.
“Who are you?” I yelled loudly, walking up to her with rage.
“Okay… okay… My name is…” her words hung as she dashed off from the library almost like a lightning. I immediately turned back to her and my eyes caught her back. She turned to me, dipped her right hand into her bra and fished out a pen. Because of the distant between us, I couldn’t see the pen well but from the glimpse of it I believed it to be the pen she was looking for. So it had all been faked? She didn’t really loose her pen. Only god knows what her main intentions had been.
She had toyed with me, messed with me. A school prefect? I can’t take this, I mustn’t take this. Anyways, I heaved a sigh- a silent sigh as I stepped out from the library and padlocked it again.
Just then, almost immediately, I felt somebody’s arm hitting my back. I turned around but didn’t see anyone. A sneeze traveled up fast to my nostrils and I let it out, my eyes flickered and shut for a moment and when I opened them… I was on my bed in the hostel with Dan hitting my back. It had been a dream, but it had looked so real.
“Wake up Stan, It’s time for Prep,” he said.
I sluggishly rose up, rubbing my eyes with the back of my palm. I was still contemplating on the dream I just had. So all the kisses and romance had been a dream; a part of me wished it had been real while a part of me thanked God it was a dream.
Who the hell was that girl? I soliloquized. I must find her tomorrow at school, I assured myself.

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  1. Hmm. This is a good improvement from your earlier works I have read. There are still a number of grammatical and syntactical errors in this but they looked like stuff that missed detection.

    Your descriptions are good but tend in some places to be overly melodramatic.

    Well done. Keep improving your art bro.

  2. Thanks man. I appreciate @chemokopi.

  3. Lactoo, you have still not improved?

  4. *sighs.

    @lactoo, you try. You can only get better.

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