The Science About This Art

The Science About This Art




Gaping at a warring world,

Wedged in a web

Of wobbling waste

There are men,

Mighty or mean,

Made or marred,

Musing in this muddy mass

Tilting with the tides,

Tracking trends, tracing trails

Trudging to leave new trails or trends

With the fear-filled feeling

Of falling flat, apart

From the flimsy faith

Against a forlorn future

I have observed; this is art

But this is also science





The end did not just begin

The end is getting to the end

‘Cause the centre has ceased to hold

And things have fallen out of hand

This is not only science

This part is also art





Surf that web

For war-torn nations

(Somalia, Libya, Ni…)

Tune to the world

On FM radio or large-screen plasma TV

(Bomb stories and blast news)

Visit a church on a Sunday morning

And if you leave-alive,

Peak at headlines

On Monday tabloids

Then you’d conclude

With a warning and some wails


This is science;

This part is not art





Facts and figures, not fiction

Have told the tale

Tolls taken, truth or trace

The end is not only near,

The END is here, and…

This is the science about this art



6 thoughts on “The Science About This Art” by MegaCrowns (@ambersphere)

  1. Can’t make much sense of it – but the world play is insane.


  2. I loved it. Your choice of words shone.

  3. @Seun; Look at it as a comparison between the differing techniques of science and arts, aimed at solving the lingering spate of violence in the world. Science goes through the four stages, but art hardly depends on lab experiment, although both may often reach the same conclusions – in this case – the endtimes. Note; ‘facts and figures, not fiction, have told the tale’

  4. Whoever you are, you are sure still growing. Hope to see you at the top someday. nice piece of . . . well, lets just call it a work. more more more effort. this didn’t make my day.

  5. Hmmm…nice concept.

  6. this is good. I fell in love with the use of alliteration here.
    nice one!

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