Poetry is…

Poetry is…

Poetry is the voice
That speaks from within
To the ears
That’s willing to listen

Poetry is the thought
Nurtured in the mind
And brought to light
In a way of a kind

Poetry is fear
And left to die
In hearts that could have talked

Poetry is nature
In various forms
Sometimes it’s like lecture
On worldly norms

Poetry is the meaning
Behind the meaning
With indepth clue
Beyond the ordinary view

Poetry is the voice
Of the voiceless
Where lies good choice
For the choiceless

Poetry is the mirror
For the faceless
A free gift of nature
But hiddenly priceless

Poetry is the message
In a cock’s crow
But few is the percentage
Of those that know

Poetry is the pitter-patter
Of the rain
Not just the rain data
We obtain

Poetry is the love language
We speak
Even if we’ve come of age
Or are at our peak

Poetry is the words of the world
For the young and old
Not just a tale
That needs to be told.

6 thoughts on “Poetry is…” by Alfa2 (@alfa2)

  1. You are a poet! Beautiful!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, this is lovely :)

  3. “Poetry is the meaning. Behind the meaning. With indepth clue. Beyond the ordinary view”. I totally love this. YOU are THE POET!

  4. Wow, Nice! Few is indeed the percentage of those that know…u’re da boss! *doffing hat*

  5. @alfa2 Chief Priest, I like this piece very much.
    You presented this well, and u were largely right abt wah u were saying until I saw this:

    Poetry is fear
    And left to die
    In hearts that could have talked

    Poetry, if it is wah poetry is must av been expressed….Otherwise, it will just be thoughts in the mind of the fellow who is harboring them.

    Thumbs UP!

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