Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Hey, stop throwing sand
And come here
Look how dirty you are
Have you washed your uniforms?
Bring your books
Where’re the assignments?
You’ve done nothing
See how unserious you are
You’ve even thrown away
Your pencils
Is that how to become
A doctor?

Dust the cushions
Clean the rooms
And wash the plates
Make sure you bath
Before going to Church
And ensure very well
You’ve learned your memory verses.

Turn off that TV
And rush to bed
Hey stop!
Come here
Why are you limping?
Football again
Your hands are even bruised
Let me burn them
With this iodine.

Don’t ever get sick
If you’ll not take your drugs
Or even the injections
Stop crying like a baby
You won’t like that girl
Staring at you
Or would you?
Get well soon
And you’ll go to the field
I’ve bought you a new ball.

Those were the words
Of my loving mother
The inspiration
Behind this success
The little boy
Wanting to be a doctor
Now a computer scientist.

5 thoughts on “Once upon a time” by Shinaigo Tadi (@skyfaze)

  1. Interesting… I like

  2. OMG! this is so nicely written, i’ll look out for more of your poems

  3. Not as well written as this poem deserves, but its still worthy of note.

  4. I had expected it to be more comical. There is room for improvement..

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