‘Okro’ No Be Soup

‘Okro’ No Be Soup

If there is one thing I love and yet hate about my home is the type of music that catches my dad’s fancy. We are Igbo so my dad is into Oliver De’ Coque and other proper Igbo hi-life music. My dad is also big on them Akanchawa type of gospel music and you have no idea how pissed I feel waking up to such high auto-tuned shrieking sound every Sunday morning.  Don’t get me wrong though; I love highlife music – my favourite is Sunny Bobo. I like his music. It’s high-life with loud ogene infused with a modern bassline that just keeps you bumping.

My favourite Sunny Bobo song is “Okro no be soup”. Whenever I hear it a big smile just lights up my face because he is indeed speaking the truth.

Okro no be soup o

Na lie o

Pinkala no dey sour o

Kwrangida no be naira

Na managementi o

First let me state it here that I do not like okro soup. I think okro soup tastes like ‘struggle’. Hearing Sunny Bobo sing that just validated my opinions and since then I have made a strong effort not to settle for less. Of course a lot of people do not seem to think like this they believe that okro soup is the best thing since sliced bread.

The other day, my boss sent his driver to go get him lunch specifically telling him to buy eba and okro soup, even going as far as calling the driver when he got there to remind him that he wanted okro soup. The guy went ahead and bought something else. Have you ever seen the wrath of a hungry and angry man before? I had a full glare in the office that day. Personally I really don’t understand why my boss was angry; I want a driver like that. If I were to ever get as hungry as to ask for eba and okro soup, I would even permit a shock therapy. I like that driver.

But what is so special about a slimy meal that you have to eat with extra caution so you don’t have a map on your shirt when you are done anyway?

Someone said the reason he likes okro soup so much is because it is the best soup to steal meat from; everything just slides back into position and nobody will know.


That’s about the only thing great about okro soup.

I have nothing against people that love okro soup, I mean, whatever makes your boat float. I just feel we should just call it what it is – struggle. You can’t be soaking garri like you are having caviar. Yes we soak garri for different reasons, whether because we are too broke to afford proper food or that we have not had it in awhile and just want to re-acquaint ourselves with the taste (even the richest of us still do) but when we do, we are still able to recognise that it is garri and we would actually prefer to have caviar.

You just can’t compare okro soup to properly made Oha soup thickened with coco yam complete with beef, stock fish, shrimps … I should stop here. But you get my point. No matter what you do to okro it will still be a slimy dish with or without lumps depending on how you cut it up. I think what makes it worse for me is that okro soup is the distant cousin of ewedu which tastes like tears shed in struggle. (Like its taste is so sad, it has to be served with stew) and ogbono that looks like a baby’s poop. How do people even eat stuff like that? Yuck!

Okro does have its benefits though; I hear that it’s good for ulcer as it tends to heal the injured stomach walls, which is like taking drugs in form of food. It just goes ahead to buttress my point that okro is struggle food, I mean who enjoys taking drugs? If you do, I think you should keep stuff like that to your self.

All this talk about food is getting me hungry. If you choose to eat okro soup, please by all means do and the comments section is open for you to rant about; off to find me some caviar for lunch.

29 thoughts on “‘Okro’ No Be Soup” by Salliness (@Salliness)

  1. Hahaha. Funny. Not a fan of ogbono at all!

  2. Hehehe…nice one. I don’t like okro soup too but mine has to do with taste and not how it draws. You complain about a soup that draws, and you talk of struggle? Try the Idoma soup okoho, and you will be softer towards okro, though okoho’s taste is out of this world.

  3. Wetin okro soup do you, na? No struggle, no glory. Abi you no hear am before? Good piece.

  4. Lol… okro is not my favorite but it’s ok. Lovely writing.

  5. i have nufin whatsoeva against okro………… nice one.

    1. better start having one.@eyekay

  6. Okro is great even though i don’t eat much of it, nice write up

  7. Lol, thanks guys.

  8. @salliness, no offence meant, but salliness kinda draws like okra, hahahaha, okra is tasty with well trained defenders/obstacles and well prepared akpu, try dat, you’ll write a different story, lol. I like homemade okro soup at home, just like I like this piece, nicely written, flows smoothly, just like oil or rather okro… lol

  9. Somebody dedicated her talent to telling us how okro no be soup.
    On the last day when God asks what we have done with our talents…

    1. lol @kaycee, u no go kill person, she has an ally; sunny bobo. It’s a nice piece anyways, funny & hilarious…

  10. Hehehe! *wide smile*…never liked okro myself, though I’ll admit there are some cooks who do the meal a great deal of justice. If I have to cook or eat the stuff, it’s got to be completely blended. Truth is, I’ve never cooked okro soup in my life, just one concoted sauce that my dorm mates helped me finish…:-) and that your description of oha soup…choi! You got me there! Great read…thumbs up! Off to make me some soup…definitely not okro!

  11. @salliness great writing…
    @kaycee she is using her talents well o…

  12. ‘the soup easiest to steal meat from’ That got me cracking up. Lol

    1. Yeah @hymar, that got me cracking up too and the part about the real name for okro being ‘struggle’. @Salliness; so you’d rather eat fish eggs, called by whatever name, than enjoy good old yummy okro?
      Meanwhile, that your oha soup description? Correct!
      I enjoyed this :)

      1. @Olaedo Fish eggs = Caviar = Greatness

  13. I like Okro o. In fact, at one time it was my favourite.

    Well written piece.

  14. lol,true talk brother, okra soup na d best soup to steal meat, you just made me reminisce about my past sef, those days….u knw

  15. de worst part b say e too de dey wata wata. Dos dayz wen men were boiz 4 hostel… I bet i can view my face through the soup. …good thing though because then, i didnt have a mirror.
    Nice write-up. Superb theme, sweet build-up. But… It can be better.

  16. Okro is nice to eat and nice to play with as well.

  17. lol…d only time i eat okro is whn am too lazy to prepare a decent(better) soup.

  18. Strikingly written. This is a rare topic – food. Hmmn, i am amazed at how you stayed on the story and draws us in. Thanks for making it straight and short and captivating. Will make one who hasn’t tasted okro not to want to eat it ever.

  19. funny!! still okra remains my favourite soup. i prefer to call it okwuru!

  20. Hahaha see the bashness of okro soup…not really one of my favs but when prepared with smoked mackeral and stock fish…you go love

    Have two cousins who cant stand the soup…they rather eat dog poop than eat that…

    Nice one

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