Naija Stories Meetup 2012

Naija Stories Meetup 2012

As the year heads to a close, it is only fitting that we wrap up activities in the community by having another meet-up; as suggested at the first one held earlier this year. Read about that one here:

The purpose for this is to take NS a step further – allow us interact, get to know one another, encourage, network, inspire ourselves and each other in a more personal space.

Therefore the NS Meet Up for the end of the year 2012 hold on the first Saturday in December – also the first day of that month, at the same beach where the first one held. The date was chosen because December is usually quite busy for people, so before the calendar gets filled up the NS Meet 2.0 is out of the way.

Date: 1st of December 2012
Venue: Elegushi Beach, Lekki Ajah Expressway, Victoria Island Lagos
Time: 10:00am

As is the tradition, there’s no money to be contributed. However, people are encouraged to bring whatever they can share. Also, some sort of gate fee will be paid to for entry into the beach, so come with some extra money.

PS: There will be a reading, so come with a piece; whether poetry, fiction, whatever your genre is – something you can share with everyone else. The only requirement is that said piece be between 200 – 500 words.

Looking forward to a great event.

RSVP – Interested attendees should please send their phone numbers to my inbox.

103 thoughts on “Naija Stories Meetup 2012” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. So we have two NS meetups now abi? Because both read as NS meetup 2012.

    Is it supposed to be an annual thing or twice a year affair?

    1. @Afronuts: The question is are you IN or OUT?


      1. @tosyn

        The answer is MAYBE

        since my schedule is unpredictable

      2. @tosinosha

        Free @Afronuts. He’s a typical ‘stand-up’ guy. Pun intended.

        Just like someone we both know.

        1. @Seun-Odukoya: Yeah, that should be me.

        2. @Seun-Odukoya

          I’m a what?

          Like who do you know?

    2. @Afronuts but this is simple English na!!! Wah is so confusing here now?

      1. @shaifamily

        I no dey confused, just asking for clarity.

    3. @tosinosha she is around. Busier than she used to be….

  2. …only a Lagos thing eh? Spread the love nau…

    1. @excellency

      You can liaise with people where you are who are also on NS to make it happen.

      The love is spread. You have to catch it.

  3. There’s a whole lot at stake in this for me. Particularly because I have a tag to shed.

    @seunodukoya, I just hope the ‘so-come-with-a-piece’ part doesn’t scare away NSers who are not so confident of their writing.

    I looking forward to seeing a number of interesting personalities out there, so people, DON’T DULL OOO!!!

    1. @tosinosha

      I’m sure you speak for yourself.

      And then – you won’t come for the Meetup BECAUSE you’re afraid of reading in public?!

      I’m sure the people you’re talking about are really not interested in writing as a career. Love/luck to them.

      And besides – if you’re not so confident about your reading, you can have someone read it.

      1. @Seunodukoya: That was pretty fast o. I mean this conclusion you just jumped into. My comment was actually inspired by a convo I once had with @Mardey on her writing. *SMH*

          1. @tosinosha

            Ma pe mi pa jo!

            Shake your head tire. I don see you finish.

            But just to clear – it’s not an assumption. Me and you have also had countless discussions concerning your writing – and therefore…

            Would you like for me to elaborate?

            Just redeem yourself – or don’t bother. I’m ‘just another guy’ you know.

            It really does not matter.

            1. @Seun-Odukoya: Maybe I need to give you a little update then. I’ve grown more comfortable in my own skin, since we had that talk. Me don learn to acknowledge both my strong and weak points. Today, I do my best to out-do myself on a daily basis. How about that for a change?

              1. @tosinosha

                That’s ALWAYS the idea: constantly being better both in and out than we were yesterday.

                Keep at it.

  4. And for crissakes, where did @gooseberry go??? It’s been like 25 years since I heard from her.

    1. @tosinosha: as in enh, she just left the radar completely.

      1. @Chemokopi: Abi? Thought I was the only one that noticed. Yea, and @drzhivago too. Those two looked perfect the last time out.

        Meanwhile, congrats on your WOM award. It’s been long overdue.

        1. @tosinosha

          E be like say na you sabi the art of matchmaking pass. Shall I mention who also looked perfect together last time out?!

          Hehehehehehehehehehehe. *Darth Vader laughter*

          1. Hmmm… Now that you people mentioned it I really don’t know if I go all out to hunt chicks o. I’m just one random guy always looking to chill with them correct wordsmiths.

              1. lol…trying to save ur azz shey?

                I know what you did last meet up!

                1. @Afronuts: Ol’ boy!!! Wetin you hear say I do o?

          2. @Seun-Odukoya: Who else? *forming curiosity*

            1. @tosinosha are u a poultry farmer? Whc one is “chicks”?

              1. @Shaifamily: I don’t know o! For some reasons, @Seun-Odukoya and @Afronuts think so.

                1. U said “chicks”

        2. @tosinosha: Thanks bruv. I appreciate that. *matchmaking things shey? Hehehe…*

    2. @tosinosha

      You dis guy sef…e be like say you get only one agenda for meet ups….going after chicks.

      You be poultry farmer?

      1. @Afronuts

        @tosinosha is a lot of things. I won’t be surprised if poultry farming and ‘bird rearing’ are also on his resume.

    1. @shaifamily

      How far? Coming or not coming?

    1. @vescucci….

      Wetin cause sadness?

      We no dey sad for here o!

      1. I’m sad I cannot attend. I am looking for a storyteller wife @seun-odukoya

        1. @vescucci: U wan dey hear tales by moonlight when time to do reach? *looking over my shoulder for missiles*

  5. I just hope someone will volunteer to take up logistic duties like the last time. @babyada and @Seun-Odukoya did such a good job with the April edition.

    Hot meals work wonders and she did well that last time. Very well indeed.

    Don’t mind writing someone a check…..

    1. @shaifamily

      Thanks for the props. I think the logistics thing still falls on me. Sent out text messages to the NSers whose numbers I have. Only about two of them responded.

      Will soon send out another batch.

      About feeding – I dunno. I think people should just do like we did last time…bring whatever they can.

      PS: You can write me that cheque.

      1. @Seun-Odukoya Erm, I don’t trust u wif money jooor.
        Well, there are other talks outside of here. I am sure you’d be pleasantly surprised. 2 shey? No worry, even with just 5; we can turn the whole place upside down….no be so?>

        1. @shaifamily

          Okay na. Keep your cheque then.

          All I need is one person plus me. And I know I can rely on @scopeman @your-sorry-ass – so I think we can make enough raucous.

          Sigh. This is fun.

    2. But you know say you fall under the broad category of “someone” sha

        1. @vescucci

          You do too ashually!

        2. @vescucci speak wif all of ur mouth if u must speak at all….
          @Seun-Odukoya u go meet me for ground na!!! Egbe like u….

          1. @shaifamily

            You know it’s always something to look forward to…AROSO like you.

          2. Lol. I’m not in Naija so I am automatically disqualified. @shaifamiily @seun-odukoya

            1. @vescucci

              We won’t even notice your absence.

              Thank you.

              1. Lol. Such love. But you can’t notice the absence of what you never noticed the presence of na. @seun-odukoya

  6. @Seun-Odukoya heherhe….Okay now.

    Meanwhile, if we got new faces coming in…is there a possibility they could get the NS shirt?

    1. @shaifamily

      I really wouldn’t know o. Time is of the essence now.

      But how about I let you know tomorrow?

  7. @shaifamily, for your sake I’ll try to prepare sometin again dis time. I just hope I’ll be loaded then. :-)

    1. The woman has spoken….should I write you dt check.

      1. @shaifamily

        If you have it to do, do it.

        If not…


    2. @babyada

      I hope this time you consider me when putting together the menu.

      Not that it matters. I’m just saying.

      1. The last time, d preparation was for your sake. But you din’t eat. Dis time it’s @shaifamily‘s own. :-(

        1. @Seun-Odukoya SMH for u!!! See? See? @babyada no vex….do ds and see how many plates I go chop. I know how to show ‘preciashun

          1. Well…@shaifamily

            I am SO happy for you. I hope you understand ‘this time its for Shai’ means you’re responsible for getting the chef and her concoctions to the venue.

            All the best. Man.

        2. @babyada: What’s on the menu this time? or are we supposed to keep our… *swallowing saliva* …fingers crossed?

        3. @babyada

          Thank you so much for the clarification – after you went ahead and made something for ME to EAT without consulting ME. Not all pussies are meant to be stroked.

          1. WT… @Seun-Odukoya, now tell me, how do you know d ones that should or shouldn’t? Anyway, @shaifamily isn’t given the chance to make his choice either. Take it or…

            1. …leave it.

              I left it a while ago, @babyada. Have you not noticed?

  8. Now, what is all this noise!!!
    Let me state here categorically for clarity of purpose and event… the more females that come the better! It is not a joking matter. Guys try not to come too much. Except you bring a friend. If I come there and find more black faced bearded things there, I will walk straight into the ocean!

    1. Hehehehe…please do. Though I know you won’t near there.

      1. Please, @babyada, cook rice and turkey. Dont fry the turkey.

    2. @kaycee….

      Do go ahead. We’ll be sure to do a anthology for you.

      1. @Seun-Odukoya: An anthology shey? You bet I’ll send in an entry.

        1. @kaycee see…?

          Already we’re getting volunteers!

          In fact, I think maybe you should just go ahead and damn the consequences. After all…

    3. @Kaycee: Walk straight into the ocean ko, dive directly under the trailer ni. You and I, plus everyone present here know you love your life too much to do that.

  9. Hahahaha….see ya mouth @kaycee

  10. I would like to be there but… I cant be in Lagos!

    1. @coshincozor

      Eyah. Pele.

      We will give you gist.

    1. @raymond

      How far na? How goes it?

    2. @raymond

      How far na? How goes it?

      Long time. You okay though?

  11. This Hurts, i’ll be in Benin Republic for a Magazine lunch…This is so unfair :(

    1. @aphascea

      So sorry mayne.

      Don’t worry. We’ll have enough fun for you.

      1. badt person….. u want to have my fin and urs bah…… Jesus is lord…..
        u guys enjoy..

    2. @aphascea
      They have magazines in Benin republic? What language is the launch going to be in?

      1. b4 nko, dey have naa, wht du u take dem for?? …. it’ll be in english.. but some ads in it are french….loll

  12. WT…! @Seun-Odukoya, now tell me, how do you know d ones that should or shouldn’t? Anyway, @shaifamily isn’t given the chance to make his choice either. Take it or…

  13. @seun-odukoya, you see? I didn’t tell you to do that. You did that yourself. O man of little faith.

    1. @banky

      Oga go sleep if sleep dey worry you.

  14. Too bad. I am still gonna be in school. Man, oh man

    1. @Hymar

      Sorry…oh sorry.

  15. *ticktockticktockticktockticktock*

    It’s going down…

    1. Itz still going down, ryt? Ain’t checked much to be sure (mi scusi!) but i wouldn’t want to miss out!

  16. I have been out for a long time, did the meet up hold?

  17. Next Meet up should be a workshop somewhere tranquil like Ijesha falls…

  18. Quite interesting

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