I Took The Red Pill

I Took The Red Pill

Control activated in utero

Prejudices and mindless superstitions

Force-fed into the  receptive vacuum

Of a birthed vessel

A mind lies in waste

Filled with mythical ether

Passed off as substance.

The earth was absent form and void

And by spoken words

Land and water

Were parted

Night and day

Were decreed

From dust and a rib

Man and woman

Were begat.

A mythical folklore

No different from the myriad others

Offered by the legions of tribes and races

That comprise mankind

To explain the origin of life

But supremacy gained

Through the force

Of guns and wiles

Others are condemned

To the infamy of paganism

And the one

Is ascribed

The totem of eternal truth

The complex engineering of the universe

Is ascribed

To a god created by man

A mind of unfathomable intelligence

Is assuaged only

By primordial rituals

Of blood and gore

And mercantile offerings

Of jewelry and silken finery

The diverse brotherhood of mankind

Is attributed

To the ménage a trois

Of man woman and serpent

In a garden

Where the omniscient

Engaged our progenitors

In a game of hide and seek

Moral precepts

Are built around sexual taboos

Even when mankind

By their tales

Is a continuing orgy

Of incest.

I struggle to break free

From these unseen chains

Slowly dawn approaches

To overwhelm

The dusk of mind control

As I awaken to consciousness

I believe in the existence

Of the omniscient

But not in the form

created by man

I seek his essence

His precepts are etched in my being

And not in the scribblings

Of men who seek to control

The mind gifted to us

To reason with

Everyday is a rebirth

Because I took the red pill.

(Inspired by the movie “The Matrix”)

3 thoughts on “I Took The Red Pill” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Great insights and perception of nature..
    I like the imagery and narration..write on!

  2. Nice one indeed.

  3. Unremarkable.

    What red pill anyway.

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