Get Up and Find It

Get Up and Find It


Get up and find it

There could a rumble
Here and there
Because of life`s storms 

There could be a fumble
Here and there
Because you are human

There could be a tumble
Hard and hideous
Because of a slip-up

Life rumbling at you
Roar at it with vigour
Right the wrongs

Life frowning at you
Laugh loudly at it
Laugh with yourself 

Life hard and hideous
Hold on and hack 
Off all the dents

It  isn`t  always light
Yet seek your light
Life will be bright 

For life is but a start 
Whose star is in you
Get up and find it.

12 thoughts on “Get Up and Find It” by Ndaba (@starrider)

  1. This is brilliant and encouraging.

  2. I really like this. Well done.

  3. when the going turns dark, the light in you keeps you going.

    NIce poem.

  4. Let`s find stars in us. Thank you,

  5. Words to live by

  6. Inspiring. Very nice. Simple lines with a deep message.

  7. Jaywriter, thank you.

  8. Jaywriter, much appreciated.

  9. I enjoyed the poem. It rang on and on and on. .Was a good read.
    And boy oh boy, do you have lots of credits there! Phew! :)

  10. Suddie, credit goes to you for reading my poem and commenting about it. Thanks!

  11. very powerful message, delivered in simplicity…

    1. Thanks for time and kind comment.

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