Adam Bala: 3

Adam Bala: 3


Episode 3

The sun was scorching. This was one of those kind of day where you stayed in bed, turned on your air conditioning unit and watched movies while eating junk food and licking ice-creams.

But rather, everyone was panting hard. Taking deep breathes and drawing on mental strength, the athletes pushed forward. The crowd cheered on. It was the annual Intra-School Games which was held simultaneously all around the world. This event was a big one; so big that mere participation in any event made you an instant star.

The Intra-School Games were divided into two: The Viaws Intra-School Games and the Human Intra-School Games. This was because it was deemed that even the fastest human could not compete with the slowest viaw.The Viaw 5000m race was going to be over within the next 2mins and the last bend would prove to be the decisive bend. Although the Viaw 5ooom race was an alien race, humans were permitted to compete in it. No human had won it till date. The race had a usual format and mix of both human and alien athletes. It usually started with sprinters, who fall out before completing a bend, and then joggers who persevered for long periods of time and then there were the runners who had both the heart and the body to keep up till the very end.

Of these categories, Adam was not part of any. He had his own special category. He was a ‘funner’, in it for the fun and thrill. Adam found the human races a drag. He always chose a position each year so as not to stand out. 2 years ago he was 4th, last year 5th and this year, you ‘man-in-the-pack’ funner Adam, had chosen not to improve, and come 5th again.

“Why do you bother running Adam? You could win with your eyes closed and your legs tied in a sack.” said Rabiu dryly as they lay under the tallest tree in the school.

“Hahahahahahaha…you know Adam na. He likes showing off. He is trying to catch up to his master” replied Fat Fem.

“Hmmm…who hin master be? Who is his master?” asked Rabiu with laughter hidden in his voice.

“Me na. See this jonzer!” said a serious faced Fat Fem “I mean, see how they are all running. If I do this hurdles race, it’d look like I were flying and not just jumping over the hurdles.”

“Go and fly the bucket in your backyard first. Your yansh(buttocks) will not allow” laughed Rabiu.

“See this jonzer! My yansh that you want to touch this badly.” Fat Fem retorted.

“See ba, I will rather scratch my body with a razor blade, kiss a python, then go skinny dipping in the artic, than touch that flee infested bag of meat you call buttocks.” replied Rabiu.

“COME HERE, lemme skin you alive. COME HERE YOU IRRITANT!” Fat Fem spat out these words as he started chasing Rabiu. Rabiu sprung onto the 3rd branch of the tree.

“Spin me Adam” he screamed. Adam opened his dreamy eyes slowly for the first time and saw Rabiu hurtling through the air towards him and Fat Fem charging at the very same time. He laughed. “Friends” he thought. It had been a month since his battle with Sunta. He had expected a stir or a reply but up until this point, nothing had happened. Jumping up, he ran towards Rabiu, stamped his feet on the floor while spreading his legs and bending his knees, caught Rabiu by the wrist and using his stomach, as he was horizontal, spun him in mid-air to the opposite direction.

Fat Fem sulked. “Not fair, I was gonna catch that brat and give him a spanking. Now see what you have done. No one insults this Fat baba and gets away with it.”

Adam roared with laughter. Fat Fem joined him and they laughed till their abdomen hurt. Up above their heads, at the very top of the tree, the laughter of Rabiu could be heard. These were the happy days. Who would have thought that all that would ever change?


“Aiight, goodnight.” “One…Two…Three…ZION!!!”

The three boys went their separate ways. At a path leading to their homes, there was a junction that forked into 3 roads. It was at that junction that everyone always took a different route. Bag slung loosely on his back, hands in pant pockets, he walked slowly on his own road.

Adam felt a slight chill. “I need to hurry along” he thought to himself. But again, is the chill I felt because of the blowing breeze or because of this feeling I am having. It is almost like I am being followed. Either way…”

He stopped walking. He was certain now. Somebody was tailing him and making no efforts to hide his ‘presence’. Adam turned quickly and who he saw instantly froze him.

“Huh? You noticed me? You really are something, aint you? Don’t answer. Hehehe. I will give you kudos for sensing me out. Afterall…I am the prettiest viaw…I do have a ‘presence’ and I loovvvveeeeeeee to flaunt it. Hehehe. But hmmm…lest I forget. I came here to tell you something and then do something. Hold on, let me comb my beautiful hair. Hehehe.” He brought out a comb and strengthened the parting of hair on his head.

“I look good, don’t I? Don’t answer. O yes lest I forget… ADAM BALA, I HAVE COME TO DISH OUT YOUR PUNISHMENT FOR YOUR ASSAULT ON SOME VIAWS!!! Adam tensed up. “SO…ANY LAST WORDS, ADAM BALA?”



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  1. Sleek this story is amazing if you can get up to 10-12 episodes then we should talk TV-SERIES……I’m a film producer and i must say i’m very impressed.

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