Adam Bala: 2

Adam Bala: 2


Episode 2

The street was quiet and dark and the sounds of the crickets and frogs could be heard from a nearby swamp. Gentle breeze rustled tree branches and leaves shook in resonance. The clock on the church tower showed 3.00am. The residents in the area were all asleep except the residents of number 5 Alhaji Achmed Street.

“Mummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy, muummyyy, come and warn Abraham oo” screamed Ruth in anger.

“Mummy com an warm Abraham oo” mimicked Abraham.

“You kids should stop fighting. “ Mrs Bala cried out in obvious exasperation. “Don’t you know it is bad to fight? Go and ask your big brother and he will tell…STOP THAT Ruth. NOW!!! ABRAHAM! ABRAHAAAMMM!! Come here!!!”

Adam chuckled as he watched his family drama. His dad sat quietly in the parlour sofa reading THE ARE-EDS. THE ARE-EDS was an alien produced newspaper. While human newspapers could only be produced daily or at most nightly, alien newspapers were produced morning, afternoon and evening and of them all, THE ARE-EDS were the best known.

“Brother Adam, is it bad to fight?” asked an inquisitive Abraham.

“Well” answered Adam, “it is a bit tricky you see. It is bad. Yes. But sometimes a man has got to be a man.”

“No way!” Adam looked up and saw that his dad had put his paper down. “What do you mean when you say a man has got to be a man? Doesn’t that statement give room for excuses to fight? Doesn’t it?” asked Mr Bala.

“Well Daddy, that is one way to look at it but when you look at the society and the decadence and the way things are in this world…you can’t just sit back and take every crap that is thrown your way. Sometimes you have got to stand your grounds. Sometimes you have got to decide that you will not take crap anymore and instead you will give crap back. That is why we are higher animals. We fight back.” Adam smiled knowing his words had a lot of meaning behind them.

“But,” Mr Bala started, “In the context of the argument you just made, fighting is used metaphorically right? Right? Couldn’t have been literal. Could it? Because that would mean we are following the ancient Torah. Right?” Adam looked like he didn’t like the reply.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think because we are human or because we are Christians, we are scum. I don’t think we should sit down and let all these alien life-forms dictate to us how we should live” Adam replied his dad.

He hated having these arguments with his father. A long time ago, the aliens killed of a good number of earthly religions. The strongest of the remnants was Christianity, of which the Bala family belonged to. It was no secret though that because they pledged allegiance to the Christian race, they were treading a very thin line. The aliens had eliminated the other religions by violently killing off the followers. This created several outbreaks of fights around the world but ultimately the aliens prevailed. The only religion and way proposed by the aliens was ZOPH. Of all religions, only the Christians had refused to fight back and this was a major reason as to why they were still in existence; the Christians had learnt to conform.

Adam hated this fight and at this stage of the argument with his dad, he was getting pissed. “Who said anything about aliens? Who did?” Mr Bala asked, peering at Adam. Adam looked down. “Daddy, my point is there always comes a time when you stand up for yourself and fight, metaphorically or literally. Fight is fight.”

“I am reminded of a story” began Mr Bala looking up onto the ceiling, “it was around the year…”

“O not another story Daddy, come on. It’s getting close to my bedtime” muttered Adam under his breath.

“…of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Mr Bala continued oblivious of the mumbling. “Some men came to take Jesus, for no good reason, into the courts for trial of crimes he didn’t commit. Now one of Jesus’ loyal friends took a sword, with very good reasons, and in a fit of rage struck one of the men on the ear. The ear, obviously, got cut off. Now who would you suppose should have been the most angry and violent? Jesus, of course. He had done nothing but was to be tried for something. You understand so far? Do you? But instead, he pursued another path. He chose the Path of Love. He picked up the man’s fallen ear and miraculously reattached it. He could have used the obvious panic that had set in to flee or fight the men. But he didn’t. Adam, times come when it seems that the only way is to vent out your anger and frustration on the next person. But always allow your actions to be guided by the Holy Spirit. You can never go wrong with Him. Remember one of the lines from the Ancient Present Guiding Book says that ‘Be ye angry, and sin not.’ There is always the Path of Love.”

There was a long pause. Adam was clearly trying to digest all his dad had said. The Path of Love. He knew it was true. After a while he said “So if the Holy Spirit tells me to fight…I should right?” He looked up at his dad but the man was already engrossed in his newspaper again.



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  1. I liked this. There was a certain roundedness to the narrative that brings the story to life. Well done and keep writing.

    1. O wow…
      I am glad you enjoyed it, @Myne.

      Thank you for your constant comments and encouragement.

      I will keep writing.

  2. The story is flying away o
    Is it the same Suntai and Adam story?

  3. @kaycee d story is more abt adam, suntai ws js one aspect of it…
    @sleek ur story is getting cold..d excitemnt is goon dwn

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