2012 Association Of Nigerian Authors Prizes Shortlist

2012 Association Of Nigerian Authors Prizes Shortlist


1         ANA/Mazariyya Prize for Teen Authors (Poetry)

All titles disqualified because they do not meet requirements.


2    ANA/ NECO Prize for Teen Authors (Short Story)     

 (a)       Behind the Dust                                 by        Nuella Ononye 

(b)       Trap in the Jungle                              by        Chukwu Obelegu

 (c)       Kidnap                                                by        Gbemisola Adeya 

3  ANA Lantern Prize   

(a)        Nkechi the Heroine                       by        Camillus Chima       

(b)       The Genius                                      by        Vincent Uduh       

(c)        The Mad Boy                                   by        Spencer Okoroafor

4   ANA Prose Fiction Prize

(a)        A Time to Heal                                   by       Seye Oke

(b)      Beyond the Yard                                  by        Inyang E. Ekwo

(c)       Pride of the Spider Clan                 by        Odili Ujubuonu 


5   ANA/Chevron Prize for Environmental Issues: 

No entry merits shortlist in this category

6    ANA/Esiaba Irobi Prize for playwriting

(a) Children of the River                               by       Nnamdi Okose

(b) Teardrops of the Gods                               by        Karo Okokoh                 

7      ANA Prize for Drama

(a) Climate of Change                                   by        Elaigwu Ameh

(b) Hard Choice                                             by        Sunnie Ododo

(c) Tearsdrops of the Gods                          by        Karo Okokoh


8          ANA/Gabriel Okara Poetry Prize

(a) Pimples and Dimples                              by        Fidelis Okoro

(b) Songs of a Griot                                       by        Karo Okokoh       


9          ANA Poetry Prize

(a) Canvas                                                       by        Saddiq Dzukogi

(b) Go Tell the King                                       by        Betty Abah

(c) Inside my Head                                         by        Umari Ayim



3 thoughts on “2012 Association Of Nigerian Authors Prizes Shortlist” by Richard-Ali (@Richard-Ali)

  1. This is confusing. Are these the works that made the shortlist – or are they the ones that were disqualified?

    1. Avatar of kaycee
      kaycee (@): Newbie - 0 pts

      @seun-odukoya, ALL the entries for the ANA/Mazariyya Prize for Teen Authors (Poetry) were disqualified. Apparently the teenagers no sabi anything!
      Only God knows what the judges went through from the entries.

  2. Avatar of Efadel
    Efadel (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    No need to blame the teenagers. We need good creative writing teachers and exercises to stimulate the kind of creativity that merits awards. Where were these prizes when I was a teenager?

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