What Does Your Library of Nigerian Books Look Like?

It was only as I organized my Nigerian and few other African books in my bookshelf that I realized how much they’ve grown in the past couple of years. It may be because I’m also a writer and author, but there’s also the fact that there a lot more Nigerian authors these days, and they do an amazing work. Their books are quite interesting, some are nominated or win awards, and others are just plain fun! And to think my collection started from this;

For those who need suggestions on Nigerian books, check out the NS Library or Store.

9 thoughts on “What Does Your Library of Nigerian Books Look Like?” by Myne (@Myne)

  1. It’s interesting. I don’t have a lot of Nigerian authors…but I have started collecting. It is interesting.

    Nice one.

  2. Great Nigerian books and others can be borrowed at http://www.zodml.org
    I wish i knew about the library years ago.

  3. I have a library of some 120 books, I am not sure I have up to 10 Nigerian authors there! Reason, Nigerian books are unreasonably overpriced. The ones I feel very strongly about, I never find them in stock whenever I remember to go looking for them.

    But now, I think I will buy more now. Or how do I explain the abnormality in my library to my kids?

    1. Good question @Banky. I think an extra N500 to enjoy the local flavor is worth it.

      I buy a lot but I also borrow some from my library, so check out the one @kaycee mentioned.

  4. Good piece, Myne. I am building up a library in which Naija stuff has pride of place. And Happy birthday. You got my message on your Facebook page?

  5. I am jealous.

    Sadly my “library of Nigerian books” is hollow. I have a brimful of the Westerns and more than I’d ever finish in my lifetime on my PC.

    I hope to start collecting them soon, and of course I’ll be sure to look up the link posted by kaycee.

  6. I think i have read more Nigerian books than foreign ones. Sadly, I don’t have a library yet. But the time will come. I know I love to read Nigerian books than foreign ones. Good for you Myne. Envy is the word.

  7. I don’t collect books by Nigerian authors anymore. Or at least, I do until one of my sisters comes to the country, when they raid my bookshelf and take all my painstakingly acquired Habilas, Achebes, Emechetas, Bandeles and Ekwensis.
    Right now my bookshelf looks like an ode to the works of Stephen King because I hide all my Nigerian books! But I own less than 50, to my eternal shame!

  8. @MYNE a home call to love Nigerian books…………. nice!!!!!!!!!!1

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