What a Life

What a Life

“THERE IS SOMETHING LIKE WINNI WINNI…SWEETER THAN WANA WANA… CHECK YOUR LOW WAIST”… crooned the lady at the popular Rogo market. As she sang in her high pitched voice, people gathered to look at her and as they gathered to look at her, the higher the pitch of her voice rose.
The young lady was obviously in a disheveled state. Her hair was unpacked, her eyes bloodshot and sullen, and she was without any footwear. The tight fitting jean pants she was wearing was unzipped and unbuttoned while the spaghetti strap blouse she wore was partially torn exposing some parts of her breast. She clutched her hand bag and continued singing incoherently at the same time uttering obscenities.
“Na wa o!” Is that not Theresa? Mama Bomboi asked Mama Aduni as she made to display her ugwu on the table for prospective buyers to see the pumpkin leaves she was selling.
O ma se o! Uttered Mama Aduni feigning pity as she blew her nose which was running as a result of the smoke from the fire she had been making. She got up obviously to catch a glimpse of what was going on rather than due to discomfort she was facing trying to make fire to smoke her fish for sale.
“Just imagine!”Mama Aduni said after seeing what was going on clearly “a whole pastor’s daughter!”
Mama Bomboi hissed and clapped her hands
Indeed both women were filled with righteous indignation as anybody who knows Theresa and her background would have felt. Here was a girl whose parent’s were leading lights of an Episcopal body; as a matter of fact they were the presiding ministers of the Bazooka Fire Ministry. Her attitude had always caused untold embarrassments to her parents but she was certainly beyond redemption. She was known by almost everyone at Angwar Rogo a suburb of Kara where she lived for her promiscuous way of life. She would go to any length to have things that were in vogue. This made her follow men of different sizes and shapes. She could hardly say no as long as her sojourn with these men would be rewarded with pecuniary benefits.
* * *
Yacoub was a handsome, rich and suave twenty eight year old man who lived in the capital city. He was tall and well built. He was the quintessential ladies man. He had a strong passion for expensive cologne. These combined with his good looks and fat pockets made him irresistible to ladies. His source of wealth was largely unknown to most people as he rarely interacts with people. He lives alone in a tastefully furnished duplex in the uptown district of the capital city. He drives one of the best jeeps in town. All that the people who live close to him could say of him was that he normally brings different ladies home once in every three month. He stays with them for three days after which he discards them. By the time he is done with most of these ladies, their level of sanity often becomes a subject of debate by anyone who comes across such ladies.
However the truth about Yacoub’s wealth lies in the mystical and fetish. His drive and passion for success had driven him at such a young age to boka. Who gave him a mystery preparation to apply whenever he wants to sleep with any woman. Such woman must be a maiden and the cycle must be repeated every three month with a different woman. Failure to do this has a very grave consequence. It is this routine that Yacoub has followed in the last two years and his wealth has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. However the noose has started to tighten around him as he rightly guessed that his neighbors were beginning to suspect his queer way of life. And as the next cycle of renewal was approaching he began to worry on what to do. It was in this state of worry that he came to Kara ostensibly on a business trip?
* * *
He arrived Kara quite late and asked for how to get a befitting accommodation to pass the night. He was directed to the Excellence Hotel at Ungwar Rogo. On getting there, Yacoub was really impressed with what he saw; the place could pass for a three star hotel. He had always thought that all claims to grandeur and opulence especially in the hospitality business reside in the capital city. He was beginning to be proved wrong by what he saw at the Excellence Hotel. On approaching the lounge, he saw some skimpy clad ladies but walked briskly pass them in a cocky and proud manner. His arrogant poise and strong fragrance made the girls more desperate to get his attention. The aura of wealth was all around him. He checked into his room, freshened up and came to the lounge for dinner. Two girls were still there he pretended not to see them, but silently he was studying them and taking in the details of the girls as he savored his dinner. After dinner he ordered for his favorite cognac the henessey brand, as he sipped he beckoned to the busty girl among the pair. The girl came to him and he asked her to sit. She sat down and winked.
“My name is Yacoub”, a businessman from capital city, he introduced himself calmly.
“I am Theresa”, the lady said coyly. They talked and he ordered for dinner for her.

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  1. The end? Are you kidding me?

  2. Nollywood style…

  3. @babsiwalewa, good work. However,
    “… blew her nose that was RUNNING” ought to be RUNNY.

  4. @Seyi, eagle eyes, @babsiwalewa you have a plot, good enough to build on…

  5. Good writing. But I don’t qualify this as a story. A story must have a conflict, plot and setting. The conflict would happen to your main character, and that is what would make your readers glued to your work.

    Keep writing

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