I love to sit in the church pew
With you next to me,
Paying attention to words not few,
I feel so good and new…

When we walk in a dark night
With steady guided steps,
Though the moon is shy to be light
You are more than bright…

I remember the laughter we shared
When you took me back to childhood memories,
Days when we less cared
About love, yet we fared…

It’s hard to say bye now.
Though I cover it with smiles,
I pretend a bow
To save my skin from life’s paw…

But for our dreams we say bye,
Knowing we still have a chance
To never again ask why
Or worry over long goodbyes…

Goodbye my dear…

10 thoughts on “Goodbyes…” by Anyi (@charles)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    I hate you! This poem got me so bad, na agidi I use stop the tears. Really poignant, and gripping too.

    BTW, thanks for ruining my mood :(

    1. Obviously it hits to close to home, @daireenonline no?

      It’s good.

      1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

        @seun-odukoya yes na! Damn poem stings in its simplicity.

        @charles Maybe I’ll forgive you tomorrow =)) seriously though, this poem is like that ‘you’re beautiful’ song, simple, bare, yet sooo soo powerful!

        1. @daireenonline…hahaha..
          Pls do today o. Thanks for the big complement bro….

    2. @daireenonline…I know u don’t friendy. Some times goodbyes could hurt. I believe we’ve all had our share of the cut….thnx dear

  2. Thanks guys…..

  3. This is indeed from the recess of the soul.The rhymes and diction speaks volumes:Very apt.

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