Fruit Tree

Fruit Tree

A fruit tree,

at my heart’s doorstep.

Its blooming fruits,

knocking against my heart’s door.

A sweet struggle,

in tight spaces.

The fruit tree,

is invading my heart’s space.

* * *

Left to love,

I would not hesitate.

Thrown to emotions,

I would pluck its fruit.


left to something but love.

A curse,

from heaven’s hallowed throne.

* * *

The pain in my heart,

is like pepper on an eye.

The shame I feel,

is like nakedness in public.

The guilt I carry,

is like the sins of the world.

The regret that consumes me,

is like the eternal raging inferno.

* * *

A fruit tree,

at my heart’s doorstep.

My heart is joined,

to yours in space.


something holds me back.

A truth I despise,

conferred on by stupid curiousity.

* * *

This truth,

a chain.

This truth,

my constrain from love.

This truth,

a secret best left unknown.

This truth,

a curse from heaven’s hallowed throne.

* * *

Fruit tree,

you are my lie.

I want to climb you,

and hide under your branches.


this truth is stronger than me.

Look me in the eyes,

and give me hope.

6 thoughts on “Fruit Tree” by maisolomonic (@maisolomonic)

  1. Didn’t quite get it. Where you talking about sex?

  2. Maybe sex – and some regretful act that keeps the protagonist between him/her and the object of said’s affections.

    It tries to be sad, but it does not achieve that.

    It’s still nice though.

  3. @ohmston the protagonist is in love with a girl (fruit tree) but is bound from expressing his love by certain religious convictions(secret)

  4. @seun-odukoya thanks for the comment

  5. A girl is a fruit tree?
    Na wa!

  6. @kaycee what is the crux of ur ‘na wa’?

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