When we were much younger and permit me to say naive

We all thought we had the best of friends, Growing up with them was so much fun

With them around us, we always felt quite save

The worst that would happen is for us all to run


We never gave a second thought as to who was shabbily dressed

Or whose parents exhibited scandalous behaviour

All of us were in one another’s company, blessed

So long as we stayed together, we needed no saviour


Early school days was never a bore

There was always that one friend, the clown

Making us shake with laughter to our very core

Especially when we feel so let down


This was before the “unfortunate” technological advances

That makes it almost impossible to get away from our worst fears

Checkmating each and every of our chances

To prove that we are stronger than the tears

And have learnt our lessons undauntedly






12 thoughts on “Friendship” by tolu oke (@teekellz)

  1. This is good.
    We all thought we had the best of friends, Growing up with them was so much fun.

  2. Aww, reminds me of Command mehn… waaay back! when men were bois… :d thanks for a beautiful canvass

  3. friends of yester years are really friends indeed… i like this piece

  4. Touching piece i must say,good job

  5. You can do much better.

  6. Very nice. I had a poem like this one, title is ‘Those Days’.

    Good old days.

    1. Let’s read it now, and give our views………. thanks though

  7. Almost forgot, the choice of word could have been better shah.

    With them around us, we always felt quite (safe) save…

    1. Seen and noted, Thanks

  8. I like the subject matter but I’m not digging the execution.
    Not that its badly done…but I wish it was more flowery in use of words and not sounding like a straight narrative.

    Its just that I feel it can be richer because your subject matter is a rich idea to explore.

  9. nice I didn’t unread this one………………well-tried

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