Eidetic Reduction

Eidetic Reduction

Chaos is a vice of little-reason, so too is a soldier’s

Treason, political slanting by the many tongues of its

Twisted fork, murder spewing from hot genocidal lands,

Religious crisis a sultry swamp of brackish morbidity.


Little-reason is a sickness and a plague,

Biased too is the smallish growing thoughts of sense,

Undoubtedly shrewd and clever is the birth of nonsense,

Always in a hurry for the pronouncements of our judgements.


Descartes’ gift of eidetic reduction lies here with us,

Awaiting our battered egos denounce of old ways.

This world has seen too much of pain and blood,

Results of his speedy rush to judge.


Uncouth and brute be the ways of rash thought,

Phenomena almost never is true reason,

Hold essence; pry out a tincture of its soul

And bygone be cold days of erroneous oversight


Things are never always the way they seem,

Evaluate by bits to learn the truth,

In harvesting lies the clear signs of how things are,

Wheat from chaff and wisdom be lurking there.





6 thoughts on “Eidetic Reduction” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. This is a lovely poem.Unfortunately the world never learns from it’s mistake.

    1. Yea. That’s the sad reality. We make the same mistakes over and over all in our hasty judgement

  2. Great poem as usual.

  3. err, felt like I was reading Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon’s transcribed speech. Then you had mercy on us in the final stanza and glided :d

    That said, a really inspiring read. *bows*

    1. Haba@Daireen: that Honourable is way out of my league na. Am glad you enjoyed it in the end.

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