Detective Tel

Detective Tel

Hi,I’m detective Tel
Everybody knows me well
I’m investigating the death of Micheal
The death of Joseph A. Micheal
Found dead at the street of Sel
Not far from Pleasantry Hotel
The thirty two years old, Micheal
Was very very tall
Huge and dark as well
Had a wavy hair as well
Attractive than I can tell
Married women and mature girls
And those with the age I will not tell
Will do anything to be with Micheal
When I heard the death of Micheal
I became scared more than I can tell
Felt this world is a hell
Cried and couldn’t feed well
Took my Bible and my bell
Prayed, God rescue us from this hell
But who could kill Micheal?
Took and slaughter A. Micheal?
There was a quarrel between Micheal
And his landlord where he dwelt,
Adam Cole threatened Micheal
Who slept with his girl;
And Joseph A. Micheal
Had empty wallet where he fell,
Lent money to campbell
And jilted many girls
Oh my God!Who can tell?
Who slaughtered A. Micheal?
The policemen and I, Tel
Have locked the suspects in cell
My investigation on Campbell
Shew he had paid Micheal
And the landlord of Micheal
Only quarrelled with Micheal
Over the payment of where he dwelt
And he had paid as well.
We couldn’t pick a jilted girl
Or who emptied the wallet of Micheal
And today, Adam Cole died in the cell
So, who killed A. Micheal?
Who, only if I tell,
Could suspect me, detective Tel,
Killed Joseph A. Micheal
For having affair with my wife,Arnabel?
samuel enunwa june 26 2010.

8 thoughts on “Detective Tel” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

  1. This is spoken word shey? all the ‘el’ rhymes…

    1. @shadiat NICE? okay o….And it is classified as poetry.

      @samueldpoetry Well, the end rhymes sha….
      I just hope when next we read from you, it won’t be with the same format? U can imagine how that will look then even to you….

      1. @shaifamily, to me it’s nice cos I like the story it tells.

  2. Lovely…simply lovely…

  3. The story is interesting. The rhymes…’meh’.


  4. And you are truly evil, Detective Tel!
    Nice… even kids would love

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