Dayvid’s Note

Men are stupid, and women are crazy. The reason women are crazy is because men are stupid

— George Carlin


The body looked peaceful like someone asleep, but the severed head gave everything away. Blood still oozed slowly from the fracture on the head, while the fracture on the right leg had being dressed by the paramedics who came on the alert of an accident. Apart from these two fractures, the body looked healthy. Detective Kodeya Greins moved to physically examine the body.

“Don’t touch it detective”, Agent Rose said from behind. Detective Greins stopped involuntarily and he turned back to see the person who ordered the caution.

“Ha Agent Rose, you are the commanding officer here”, the detective said jokingly.

“No sir, you are. Sorry we had to cut short your leave. How was the trip?”, asked Agent Rose.

“I was still much around when the call came;I just had to come in haste”

“Apologies once again sir”

“No need for that Agent Rose; everyone understands, even my wife does. I enjoy doing this and I have told her she had to be married to me and my work. She agreed and has being understanding since then”, Detective Greins said as he moved to examine the body before the paramedics zipped it up.

Agent Rose walked to join him as he examined the body.

“You know eye-witness reports of the houseboy and the gateman said he jumped from the window of his study which is the highest room in the mansion. Prior to that, he was preparing for his wedding which is supposed to be holding now. This case is a clear and mysterious suicide. Why would someone decide to kill himself on his wedding day?”

The Detective carefully examined the dressed compound fracture of the leg. “He wasn’t prepared to jump, that’s why the fracture is compound on the right leg. Maybe it wasn’t suicide at all, you imagine someone with a gun in the study with him; he is afraid and he jumps in bid to save himself from death only for him to meet death again.” The detective then raised his head and asked, “Who was the last person to see him before he jumped?”

“The houseboy – Akpan, but am sure he can’t hold a stick to a person, not to talk of a gun”

“Agent, you falter me. Don’t you know that in a murder case no one is above suspicion? Mothers kill their child and fathers bury their daughters. In this world of ours, nothing is new. Before I divulge further into the maid thing, do we know the mental state of the victim, any weird behavior lately?”

“Sir according to his mother‘Mrs Tokura’, he was okay and had no history of mental sickness. Only that yesterday, he refused to sleep in his room, but rather in the study. She said it isn’t strange as he is used to spending nights in the study long before now. She said he was talking about writing a memoir or something”

“Where is Mrs Tokura? I would like to hear directly from the horse’s mouth” requested Detective Greins.

“Unfortunately, she has passed out. We asked the medics to inject her with tranquilizers; the trauma was getting too much for her to bear”

“Okay then, lead me to the study, I want to recreate the crime scene”

“The forensics is still there. They should be through in say ten minutes. I have to follow the ambulance and perform the autopsy with them. Nobody can be trusted in this case like you said; meanwhile I have asked Agent Rowland to bring the maid to see you since you prefer to interrogate him here rather than at the station, and the Team A has being assigned to lead Miss Kate here, we don’t want her doing anything weird”

“Don’t tell her anything yet”, the Detective said as the paramedics zipped the body and gently placed it on a stretcher before putting in the ambulance. Its siren soon blared to live, and in a matter of moments, it was out of sight beyond the huge gray iron gates, and its sound soon flew into oblivion.

The detective bent down and was mind viewing the crime scene when Agent Rowland brought Akpan.

“Sir, madam say you wan see me”,Akpan blurted as he stopped near the detective.

“Yes Akpan, I called for you. Have a seat” said the detective before he took a seat on the carpet grass. “You were the last person to see Mr Dayvid before his death. It was even said that you were present in the study. That makes you a prime suspect you know”

“Ha Oga, see ask madam, I be good boy o. ever since I don come here, I neva steal pin talk less of make I kill persin. Na Oga kuku jump window after I give him letter way person give me for gate”, Akpan defended.

“Why should I believe you?”

“Why I go lie, see my Oga be very good man o. He dey dash me money and cloth wella, even yesterday he still dash me five thousand naira, he even promise to carry me go obodo oyinbo after him finish doing him marriage… he even—”

The detective cut him short,“Did you say you gave him a letter?”, the detective queried, changing his looks to a serious one.

“Yes sir,na postman bring am o. him talk say na Oga get am. I go give Oga quick quick becos for my village if—”

“Where is the letter”, the detective cut him short again. He was getting tired of unnecessary details.

“Sir, he dey Oga room, after Oga jump comot, I run ni. I think say na letter bomb, the type wey dem use kill Dele Giwa. He go still dey inside if your people no tamper with am”

Akpan led the detective as they made their way into the study. The study was blocked by the yellow coloured strips of fabric used to show that it was closed down for investigations. The study was neat save for scattered table and broken window glass. From the wonderfully made shelves with books neatly arranged on them, to the beautifully designed marble floor and a well decorated chandelier at the middle of it, the room was in no way short of its status of a study. The detective moved to examine the window when he discovered the envelope, but it was empty. Near the envelope, he saw a cream coloured wedding invitation.

“henhen, ogana him be dat. Na wetin oga read before he jump comot be that”, Akpan said excitedly

The detective opened the wedding invitation


DATE: 22-08-2012



Handwritten below the venue in ink was a curious sentence the detective couldn’t understand. It read

“Don’t be sad poor boy, it’s just human displacement. It’s a just world, but there must be LOSERS and WINNERS”……………….Don‘t be late…

The detective folded the wedding card and asked Akpan, “do you know this persons by the name Daniel and Kate”

Akpan clamped his right palm on his left answered, “Kate na Oga wife wey he wan marry, but I no know Daniel o”

“Are you sure? Because this is a wedding invitation containing the name of your Oga’s wife and someone else which is not your Oga, how is that possible?”, the detective asked looking perplexed. “Can I see your Oga’s wedding invitation?”

“Yes sir, I get one for my room. I dey come”


“Sir na him be this”, said Akpan handing over the yellow coloured letter to him.

The detective collected and opened it.


TIME: 11:00AM

DATE: 22-08-2012


The detective was in shock. How can a woman marry two different men on the same day? The case was sure opening its true face. The detective was jotting down the new development in his notepad when the door blew open and Agent Roswell the head of forensics on field busted in.

“Detective Greins, you are here already. Agent Rose told me she would call you, but I didn’t expect you this soon”

“I like doing this”, replied the detective. “I just had to come here quickly. It’s a real bizarre case you got here. I can see probably that it’s a suicide, but it’s provoked one. I just want to identify the phantom murderers even though the law will set them free at the end of the day”

“Yes detective,it seems strange though given that he jumped from here. Am sure no one can survive this kind of height. Here have this” Agent Roswell said stretching a transparent nylon containing a note to the detective. “It was taken from here when we were analyzing the crime scene. We fix the time of the writing at 12:01 – 1:00am today. It might contain some information that might unravel why a man would jump and kill himself on his wedding day”

The detective collected the evidence. He scanned through it and smiled.

“Kate again— this is just getting interesting”

To be continued

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  1. Hmmmn, nice detective yarn. Cant wait to see what happens in d sequel.
    Some typos and wrong word usage here and there…

  2. What in the world is happening to the quality of posts on NS these days? So, someone can’t come here and read a good story? This is seriously disheartening.

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