Chest, what power do thou h’ve?
That women place their heads on
men’s when they’re showing love

Chest, what charm do thou h’ve?
That women take virtue of thee to pray
for their children that sucked their breasts

Chest, what spirit do thee h’ve?
That women curse men with thee that
orderwise, if man didn’t meet them chest to chest

Chest, what glory do thou h’ve?
That people beat you with palm
and swear

Chest, of what important is you?
That women knock their heads on
men’s during the fighting


5 thoughts on “Chest” by ibrahim afolabi (@markfolabi)

  1. What is with the removal of ‘”a” in the word “have”?
    And is there a word like “men’s”?

  2. Funny but I don’t agree with all the roles ascribed to ‘chest’. Some of them are meant for breasts joor…hehehe.

    And this: “Chest, of what important is you?” reminds me of someone who cannot speak good English but is keen on speaking with an American accent.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

  3. I’m just reading it the way it is – and I think it is really interesting.

    Get better.

  4. After the first line, I stopped trying to make sense of what is written and started to look for mistakes. This is not what I normally do. I usually try to get the writer’s meaning regardless of whether he/she writes well or not. Orderwise, men’s, important etc. Fix these please

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