When country is bad

When country is bad

In shame of scarcity

They dine in hunger

When plenty was in abundance

Chewing their nails as edible coco yam,

Sleeping under leaking roof

While they cry,

“Oh God, maka why!?”

Legs become Hummer jeeps

Trekking to different destinations

Running in anchors of gentlemen of the way

A dusty road that threw everybody into turmoil,

Unemployed eager for watering jobs

Cuing behind queues in vacancies houses

To be employed with kola on manager’s hand,

Twenty-naira becomes an identity card before an officer

While bandits rule as kings,

Retirees are left on dying beds

While tomorrow, an obituary will read

“A life well spent”

Schoolchildren learn under Tigris tree

Sitting on the bare ground

At the mercies of hungry ants,

Workers stretched their hand

For long held salaries

Crying with a slogan,

“when country is bad”

6 thoughts on “When country is bad” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

  1. A little closer than the others to the theme.

  2. You have some very interesting play with words here. I especially like /Twenty-naira becomes an identity card before an officer/

    Well done.

  3. @kaycee,thanks for dropping by.

  4. Great metaphors, good poem.Well done!

  5. iBleed. Our story MUST change :|

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