Water Rate

Water Rate

WATER RATE  by Mike Ekunno


Out on a cold, cloudy morn

I search engorged for a cosy rendezvous

By the foot of some tree

A hapless shrub or perimeter  walls

And perchance none be found

Then a shielding turn of the path ‘ll do

Where l shoot my jet

With  conspiratorial relief

And watch the grateful vegetation

Raise a vaporised thanksgiving offering.


Disgorged, a quake radiates

Harbinger of the penultimate drip

Awaited with an ecstatic drag of the outdoors

Whose epiphany satiates the turgid rifle

Drained and pinned as by forceps

A violent wagging follows

Before His Limp Majesty returns

To his royal pouch

And up in the skies

The clouds rumble their salute.


6 thoughts on “Water Rate” by Mike (@mikeekunno)

  1. Respect Jare.
    Some people actually understood the contest theme.

    1. @kaycee you should have entered walai

  2. This is very nice. Had to spend time on it though before I got the gist.

    Well done and good luck.

    1. Piss bro. the rush to unload… =))

  3. Had to reread to get this, but damn… hope you win it bro. Simple, yet poignant, the indiscipline of indiscriminate pissing ilike gan ni :d

  4. Thanks, guys. I’m glad someone else also identifies with the unmatched thrill of doing it naturally. Just having fun with a little mischief.

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