The Second Naija Stories Anthology – Submissions Now Open

The Second Naija Stories Anthology – Submissions Now Open

Background – launched as a collaborative blog in March 2010 and a platform for upcoming Nigerian writers to share stories they were working on and offer critique on submitted stories. It was also an opportunity for already established and published authors to see what the younger writers were doing, and if possible offer mentorship. In June 2010, the blog hit the blogger limit of 100 authors and moved to paid hosting website with an incorporated networking angle that allowed members to communicate privately, and to discuss literary and related issues in the site forums.

Naija Stories Anthology Vol 1. – In commemoration of the one year anniversary of the site, we announced our annual anthology series that will feature the best of the short stories on the site. The first edition edited and published short stories by Naijastories members who worked with the site editors and admin over the period of several months. Published March 2012 and titled Naija Stories : Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villians, the anthology was published by our in-house Press. With the publication, the best original fiction that has been showcased on this website was put into print and also received review opportunities from established writers and reviewers.

Naija Stories Anthology Vol 2. – The site now has over 2000 members, but our goal to broadcast the talents of our writers beyond the site remains the same. We want to broaden the scope of what is considered ‘Nigerian Writing’ and the number of players – both writers and readers – who are involved in this arena.

As we did the first time, we are looking for stories published on the site between March 2011 and March 2012. Only stories  with either Nigerian protagonists or that are set in Nigeria will be considered. Since we want this anthology to be a collaborative success just like the site, we will be involving EVERY member in collating these stories. Everyone can send in their best posts and that of others that you have enjoyed over the selected months.

As the budget for this project is very limited, we’ll be offering no advance to authors but a royalty of 20% of the book’s list price pro-rated on the number of words in their individual selected stories, as well as discounted pricing on any copies purchased. Payment will be made three times in a year when the book begins to turn a profit.

Submissions open September 10 – October 11 2012. Send entries to

– To submit your own story, email should have the subject line SUBMISSION/ YOUR NS NAME with the story pasted inside, no attachments. At the beginning of the email, please include your full real name, brief biography (50 words), contact information, story title, date of publication, link to original on, and word count of the story.

– To nominate another writer’s story, email should have the subject line NOMINATIONS/YOUR NS NAME. In the body of the email, state the name of the writer, the nominated story title, date of publication, and link to original on Also tell us why you like the story.

– The NS editors and admin will also be scouting the site to select their own picks. Such writers will be contacted and approval requested to include their stories in the upcoming anthology.

I want to thank and congratulate everyone on how far we have come, and we look forward to reading your stories. Leave any questions and suggestions below, and we’ll include it in the upcoming NS Anthology FAQs.

48 thoughts on “The Second Naija Stories Anthology – Submissions Now Open” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Do I even have anything worth submitting?
    Great one @Admin!

  2. Hmmmm…Good one @Admin.Another round of giving all manner of aches to people and at the end, we all claim let the voices of Nigerian writers be heard……

  3. Is there any word count?
    How many stories from other writers are we allowed to nominate?

    1. Thanks for the questions.

      Word count is between 750 and 3500 words
      Writers can submit one of their stories and not more than 5 other writers.

  4. @Admin, I’m yet to even see volume 1 in Nigeria. What’s happening?

  5. The PDF is available for immediate purchase, the paperback is available by order. Please contact for further details.

    1. @Admin I don’t support that order stuff o. If you want the book to be available for purchase, make it so. I’ve contacted admin before but what you people offered me was pdf which I didn’t want. Are you sure you’re out for serious business at all?

      1. Woah @Eletrika I think this comment @admin sounds kinda rude tho.

        1. @remiroy, pls don’t make Admin to start to feel the way she wasn’t feeling before. I meant no rudeness.

    2. the lady @babyada talks tuff all the time *winks*

  6. Nice one @admin. I should send an entry. This volume would be fabulous.

  7. *sobbing*

    Someone should please select one of my stories, or suggest which one i should include. All those my foolish ramblings are not suitable!

    1. @kaycee, what makes you think your foolish ramblings are not suitable?

    2. mtcheew! Sex with your Father nko? @kaycee?

      1. @banky, Sex With My Father has a wrong attitude and a bad history. If it wasn’t good enough for the site, why would it be good for the anthology.
        Plus it wasn’t well written.

        I wonder if @admin takes non-fiction.

        1. @kaycee, forget it. It’s a good piece. And it could be brushed up too, writing-wise.

        2. @kaycee, this will be a fiction only anthology.

    3. No cry again, ehn? Someone will surely nominate one of your “foolish ramblings”.

  8. A nice challenge.@admin please hints what kind of genre are you looking for.

    1. Hello @khadijahmuhammad we are accepting fiction at this time.

  9. Good job @admin but I do have a lil’ question. What if I wanted to nominate a story that is in two parts and was published on different days. Am I just allowed to nominate only one part? Or….

    1. @dira, you will have to nominate the entire series and submit all the links to the different parts of the story, as well as paste the story as one whole in your email.

  10. :-( I’ve got no work published on NS within that time-frame; would have really loved to participate. :-( :-( :-(

    1. @shadiat there will hopefully be another opportunity next year :)

  11. @Admin, bravo! More power to your elbow…

  12. mmmmm… yet to think about this

  13. this is very inviting, i am in!

  14. oga @Kaycee you know say any day, any time your ramblings dem make sense. @Admin nor wan just ADMIT!Any ways this is very good as always. @admin, I am looking forward to seeing the best picks selected as usual.Shalom


  15. Food for thought.

    Well done.

  16. @Admin …your submission date says ‘2011’- error?

    Those of us that our works were selected and were never published in the 1st anthology nko?

    1. @Afronuts
      Just re-apply.

      Yeah. Good to see you too.

    2. Thanks for pointing out the error @afronuts, and please do resubmit.

  17. Again, only “stories” get this priviledge? @Admin I believe there are other genres of writing represented on this site. Make ’em feel part of it.

    1. @shaifamily I concur with your view.@admin when will you consider poems anthology?

      1. I am not even saying a separate all poem anthology….but as part of this one being compiled….an all-embracing volume, To make others feel they av a ‘stake’ being part of this platform. Most annoying and disappointing is the fact that @Admin has deemed it fit not to reply sef.
        Maybe, this is an all-prose writer’s forum after all?

        1. @shaifamily, @sambrightomo, we are planning a poetry anthology in 2013. Thanks

          1. @Admin OK o. Una try…2013!

  18. @Admin, i have tried submitting twice, but i keep getting a ‘failure to deliver’ mail. This is how the mail reads:

    “Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    Message expired for domain Remote host said: 451 Temporary local problem – please try later [RCPT_TO]’

    What next?

    1. @weirdpile please try to send your email again. We have been working to upgrade our mail system over the past few days. Thanks

  19. @Admin someone made a will.

  20. @admin, please kindly let us know when the list of stories that were submitted to the second anthology will be out. Thanks.

    1. @jefsaraurmax That will not be until January. But we’ll share the news whenever it’s ready.

      1. @admin, I meant the list of the stories submitted not the list of the stories selected.Please let me know.Thanks.

  21. Has anybody nominated any of my (RAM) random acts of madness yet>>>???

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