The Missed Calls

The Missed Calls

Three times your call did come

Like a shot rifling through the fluffy distance


Wedging us apart. Twice I did miss it


I, the terrible call-keeper, heavy-sleeper

With clumsy fingers and rigid reflexes


Timing betrayed calling

And I saw them (the missed calls) all………


Your call came in the small hour

When the looming largeness of our variegated (viable, pipe, phantom, and dreamy) dreams still lay dormant

In the surreal soil, impotent to soil the pristine day

Breaking from the shell of night, its varginal charm


The agitated phone rang, and rang itself   to calm, silence

Its cry too weak to pierce through the cozy cocoon of sleep that enwrapped me


Your call came again, for the second time

In the still of the night

While dead silence that betrays needle-drop

Held the earth in its cold grip


The gay phone sang and danced,

Its tuneful song too timid to rouse me

From the depths of sleep

And it danced, danced itself to death

I’d drifted beyond the line of recall


And it came for the third time

The inky shroud of night cloaking the bluish

Counterpane above, fairly furled

Brightness billowed in the drizzly dawn

While I was disentangling my skin

From the skein of sleep


Bleary-eyed, I deciphered not the displayed digits of the incoming call

Butter-fingered, my left-thumb fumbled on the “ok” key

I managed to utter a stark “HELLO” before my voice trailed off and the phone dropped.



As I grasped the scepter of wakefulness again,

In the full glare of dawn, I saw the tell -tale mark of my phone’s frustrated attempt,

The exhausted breath, in the throes of rousing me coalesced stiff, like rigor mortis on its screen – “2 missed calls” and a futile received call.

11 thoughts on “The Missed Calls” by kola (@kola)

  1. @kola, I really like some of the lines (like a shot riffling through…).Your use of vocabulary is awesome.However some of the lines are too long for me (I managed to utter…). I would remove the parenthesis after variegated.I don’t think it adds anything. Also I would definitely change the word “gay” unless it was put there on purpose. And what is “varginal”?Did you mean “virginal” Overall I think that if you would work on it, it would be great.Good job!

    @kaycee, you’re getting soft man! :-)

  2. I missed some lines….

  3. @jefsaraurmax @kola Jeff said the word.
    Nice work.

  4. I liked this , a lot, but there could be some tightening and it seems to end too abruptly. Great language and ABSOLUTELY everyday.Good Job!

  5. I can totally relate with this… Good

  6. This is something, really. Nice work and good luck.

  7. Interesting piece…Well done kola…$ß.

  8. Apt attention to details and aesthetic use of language.Quite imaginative.Well done

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