The Abadoned

The Abadoned

The soil have treated me thus

She is angry, all my efforts

Are in vain

Earth and water is at war with me.

As if I have done the world great wrong

On sharp thorns do I tread through

This lonely journey.

My feet bleed, just as my heart cries

Out softly as I walk through this path

I chose.

The land refuses to yield me fruit

A land that usually rolls with joy

As man toils to bring forth fruit

Out of  her womb

like a mother heavy with child.


The honey of this world

Are for those that can bear its stings

My people we have treated her wrong

We neglected our first love as Africans

Tilling the soil till she yield to

Our hard work

In return she tosses us around like whirlwind

Laughing at us as we sweat in fields in vain.

This is her tribute to us for those days and nights

We neglected to cuddle her, to fill her centre deep with

Our seed.

Now she is cold to our needs too.

We should return to our first lover

If we treat her right

She may take us back to her bosom

And we might be lucky to get a glimpse of

Her smile again

That we must do while it is shines to make hay.

4 thoughts on “The Abadoned” by Irene Ese (@cindypoppa)

  1. What you sow you reap
    A man does not plant cassava and reap mango.
    There’s no talisman behind the hand unsoiled, the hat is empty, the barn is too!

    Nice one!

  2. This is a nice poem with a nice message. Glad i read it tho d typos in d title and first line almost dissuaded me.

  3. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Er, maybe it’s just me, but this imagery is soo adult oo. And the typos and tenses should be edited out. Painstaking pore over your next post, you’ll be the one that basks in glory sublime ;)

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