Pretty Janet

Pretty Janet


“You are young, my dear Janet,” her room-mate said,

“And you came here but two weeks ago,

“But now you’re a guest in every boy’s bed-

“At your age, tell me, why is it so?”


“In my home”, Janet replied with much ease,

“Dad stopped me from playing with any boy;

“But now I’m free to act as I please,

“Why, I try myself to enjoy!”


“You are young” said her friend, “and used to be plump,

“Now you’ve become unusually thin;

“Did you, by any chance, lose your fat in a jump?

“Or is ‘cause of a particular sin?


“In my home”, said the girl, as she flicked her eyelashes,

“I did no strenuous exercise;

“But now I’m beyond the reach of dad’s lashes.

“I train with guys of different size!”


“You are young”, said her friend, “like I said before,

“And should hardly manage but one hour;

“Yet you tire the guys and ask for more.

“Pray, where do you get all that power?”


“Back in my home,” Janet said, “we would toss a coin

“To compete in mini-races,

“And the muscular strength it gave to my groin

“Is making me go many places”


“You are bright”, her friend remarked, “one would hardly suppose

“You would fail any course,

“Yet you’ve joined ne’er-do-wells like Jennie and Rose.

“Do tell me: What is the cause?”


“I’ve answered three questions, and that is okay,”

Said Janet, “Who do you think you are?

“Do you think I would let you stand in my way?

“Be quiet, or I’ll shove you out of the car!

13 thoughts on “Pretty Janet” by Prince Ajubo (@elyone)

  1. Juvenile deliquency.

  2. Hehehe…The freedom every secondary school leaver hungers for….getting it is by choice…
    Don’t know about the conversation style, but i loved her replies…Nice…Well done…$ß.

  3. Are we still in the contest?

    1. I think so, but this doesn’t look like a daily routine.

  4. Typical misguided youthful adventures.

  5. Wow, I love the rhythm. And the rhymes were creative. Plus you handled dialogue in poetry real good.

    Nice one. Keep improving your art.

  6. Freedom unstaked, is freedom at stake I say.

    This in an interlocutory poetry.
    Well knitted.

    Yet, freedom unstaked Janet, is freedom at stake!

  7. This is simply beautiful. Great work, poet.

  8. I like the style. But maybe this should not be for the contest

    1. Maybe not.Thanks, all the same,@magic.

  9. This is really creative Prince… Thumbs up!

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