Poems of the Everyday Nigeria – Update

Poems of the Everyday Nigeria – Update

Submissions for ‘Poems of the Everyday Nigeria’ – Naija Stories’ competition to celebrate poetry – are now closed. During the period, ¬†we had a rich harvest of eighty poems giving creative voice to events that the ordinary Nigerian experiences in the course of his life. We appreciate the time and effort that everyone has taken to submit these poems, and we hope that this will help to encourage the appreciation of poetry in Nigeria.

The next stage will be producing a long list of poems from which the final three winners will be selected. This will involve going through the entries and selecting those which meet the criteria for the competition, as listed in the introductory post. The longlist will be published on 6 September, so stay tuned.

21 thoughts on “Poems of the Everyday Nigeria – Update” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. A lot wont make the criteria list from all i have read..

    1. @kaycee baba cool off. did you enter?

      1. @daireenonline
        You haven’t noticed?
        I don’t enter for such. I wont make any short or long list. So it is safer to be a critique.

        1. @kaycee =)) yea, I know the critics creed too being one meself. Still this expression gets me off my high horse: “those who can, DO. Those who can’t…” That expression is the monkey on my back. So I have to show myself I can DO also :)

  2. Kaycee… You might be the greatest writer here though I very much doubt that, but I think you need to learn how to appreciate the little things that do matter, not the glory of lofty heights you are perched upon, looking down at everyone else, daring and challenging with ur comments those nascent ones struggling to climb up the ladder. There are blessings in small beginnings. If u write at all I am certain you didn’t just become writer of d year overnight. Get off ur mountain and learn how to talk. Read more, listen some more and talk less.

    1. @ohmston
      Don’t be in so much pain, it can kill you.

      1. @ohmstom don’t take it too personally, that’s the truth. A lot won’t make the cut na. @kaycee try and be a lil tad supportive na.

    2. @ohmston, you are missing a lot if you take things this serious all the time. You should get to know NS before you start making huge comments.

      And @kaycee is right, a lot of the entry wont make the longlist because of the limiting theme not because the poets or the poems aren’t good enough. Get used to harsh criticism because as a successful writer, I pray you have a lot of it. Until you do, dear brother, you will not become a great writer.

  3. 80 poems, that’s awesome! Good luck everybody!

    1. @jefsaraurmax Thanks can’t wait… :d

  4. @kaycee, woooowwwwww such a great comment, but whats my opinion when everyone thinks otherwise

  5. oh well. 80? nt surprised. der z money and dis is naija. sme1 wuld even submit an essay

    1. You are really funny. Did anyone actually submit an essay?

      1. @sontel, yes oo. Search for the ‘cock crow’ or somefin, you’ll be shocked.

  6. I can’t wait to see that long list. I guess it will really make an interesting read.

  7. As we await the great moment!

  8. today is 06-09-12, the list should be here now…

  9. Yes,it is sept 6.I have been waiting patiently,@ Tola O do something.

  10. “There’s something about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,
    so hit me with music, brutalize me with music.” Can’t remember the
    reggae guy’s name, but I always juxtapose the ‘hitting’ with criticism.

    Though, one might feel a pain in either (CONSTRUCTIVELY or destructively),
    but the gain is much more than meet the eyes.


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