Musings of a once innocent child

Do you remember how some 10 years ago in your life, you- young, healthy, boisterous, full of hope, love and belief- saw yourself today as a chartered accountant, or a practicing lawyer, or a pilot, an engineer? How sweet! I remember!

I particularly remember how during one of my primary school classes, my teacher asked me what I would like to be when I grew up, and I proudly answered ‘a doctor!’ Was it just me?

I remember how up to my form 3, I was convinced, and so were my tutors, that I’d grow to become a medical doctor in some big hospital; but let’s just say life, fate and destiny always have a way of blowing you away!

Now, I’m an aspiring writer. Who would have thought about that 10, 15 years ago?

I miss those days when all I needed to make the rain stop was one short song…

‘Rain rain, go away

Come again another day,

Little children want to play. . .’

Oh, I miss those days when the most hurtful thing that ever happened was a broken crayon, rather than a broken heart. When there was no guy taunting my heart, and stealing my dreams! Where I slept, and dreamt without fear; when I laughed at everyone, and smiled with everyone; when everyone called me baby, and I was free to not read anything into it; when I was mum’s little girl (still am though, just a BIG little mummy’s girl!); when love meant mummy’s smile; when care meant daddy’s everyday gifts. When happiness was all and everything families could give;  when joy was easily felt with each breathe…

Oh, I miss those days!

When it was safe to wish for anything! When I could love anyone, and when whoever I told ‘I love you’ didn’t matter at all; when the best thing that ever happened to me was mummy’s kiss,…I miss the simple things, like a smile as the best make- up; and a kiss, as the best seal of love!

Now everything’s just so damn complicated!

People smile at you for the ‘fakest’ reasons. Girlfriends hurt you without a second of re- think. Boyfriends tell tall lies, and cheat. Families breach your trust, because there was never really the feeling called LOVE…

I really wish we could go back to those days, when there was innocence in every baby’s smile; joy in every friendly hug; peace and tranquility in every family gathering; happiness in every kiss and caress…

When true love was true; when relationships were not full of shit; when religion was what it should be; when communication meant passing a message across; when ‘will you be my girlfriend/ boyfriend’ was a question people asked in a face- to- face meeting, rather than a BBM chat or flimsy Facebook message; when marriage proposals were not sent through text messages with a picture of the ring attached; when fashion was wearing something ‘SO YOU’, yet staying COVERED; when men were gentlemen, and women were gems…


What exactly happened everywhere? CHANGE? GROWTH? Or both? Or perhaps Growth brought about some brutal change, or is it the other way around?

Where is the innocence? The one that made a man look at a woman without any obscene thoughts crossing through his mind? The one that made me say ‘I love you’ because I really truly did? The one that made me give because I loved to share, not because I wanted anything in return? Where is the truth within us? Where is honesty? Where is loyalty? Where is brotherhood? Where is love?

Too many things have gone by!

Well, what can I say? It’s end time people! What you see now, is just the beginning of the many more sad, and heartbreaking surprises of the newer centuries to come!

One truth: things can never be the same again..

One advice: fasten your seat belts, because life is just about to drive you off your nuts time and time again!

Happy 21st century people!

11 thoughts on “Musings of a once innocent child” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. Each generation thought same thing of their era.
    Our fathers complained, and our children will too.

  2. I got an idea like this a sometime ago, actually wrote about it! This was a nostalgic trip. By the way, have you started the med schl. yet?

    1. You posted yours on NS too? If yes, please what’s the link? Plus no, I changed routes actually, ‘m an accounting student. Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Seems more like musings of an adult than an innocent child to me.

    1. Thanks for reading. By the way, Its musings of a ‘once innocent child’, which most likely has now turned an adult. In my opinion, that phrase is very different from ‘an innocent child’.

  4. The answer to all your rhetoric questions is “Life”

  5. Some yaers ago, things seemed to be normal until now. And oops, what of the coming generation?

  6. @dr2103 my DEAR DOC…love doc…I see u!!! Dis story was one of those that made me write that poem…THERE WAS A TIME. Did I tell u??? Must av, if not…there u go.

    1. @shaifamily- no you didn’t… Aw, ‘m so glad my piece inspired you to write. I feel so honoured! :)

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