Mobile Doctor

Mobile Doctor

In the receding heat of the noon
Just when it’s right to break
He huddles up into the bus
With a demeanour hard to guess

Lanky herbs merchant
Clothed in concealing robe
Carrying beneath his wearied arms
A bag laden with his wares

Before the mindless ones he stands
Mouth spurting words and spittle
Painstakingly sought and primed
To fit this very act

Soon, the mindless, ailing ones
Fighting bouts of failing health
And fervent for a bit of cure
Become mindful of him

The catch of their eager minds though
aint his rusty voice
Rising and falling aimlessly
Like waves of a tired sea

It’s in the wares pinned in his hands
Raised before them to see;
Purported cures for wide ailments
In scary little bags

At the sense of more willing minds
With more sternness he teaches
How generous mixes of each great bag
Cures most wicked of warts

He sure knows the right words to use
To get hands patting bags
And re-emerging with hard earned note
To exchange for his wares

With flattened bag and bulging purse
He makes his way back home
Bearing a smile and an ardent hope
That his ill remains unknown

14 thoughts on “Mobile Doctor” by Eletrika (@babyada)

  1. Eletrika. You fascinate me. Beautiful piece.

  2. Nice one….those people ehn?…Don’t know if it’s a contract between them and the drivers…Well done… $ß

  3. I almost couldn’t get the message. Maybe I’m not intelligent enough; not yet.

  4. @anzaa, mayb u dont live in an area wer dese docs operate.

    Very very creative@ electrika

  5. May deliver Nigeria from quackery, Amen. Good work girl!

  6. Totally love this! Good work!

  7. Nice one Eletrika! Well done and good luck.

  8. Now this I like. A well told story paced well the reader can almost feel the bus… kudos ma’m this rules…

  9. sunshine @nicolebassey says:

    May deliver Nigeria from quackery, Amen. Good work girl!

    I think you mean, “may they deliver Nigeria…. lol
    Got ya Sunshine.

    Here’s the electrifying one @babyada

    Good job jor!

  10. Really nice.

  11. @ Eletrika this so niceeeee, I like the fact that it’s well thought out and addresses a societal issue that has been totally ignored. You remind of why I miss NS so much when I am too busy to even touch my computer. Kudos!

  12. Nice one. May we be delivered from ones like this.

  13. @babyada
    great piece hr\ere

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