Love Letter

Love Letter

If Love was the music of our life
I would sing songs to make you my wife

If flowers are all that my life purposes
I’d make you my garden of roses

If ever i could author my biography
I’d simply write about just you and me

If the galaxy is all i have got
You would be the rising sun in my heart

Like the heavens await the caress of the moon
Like the sun romance my zinc in the afternoon

Like the night breeze run his hands through the thighs of trees
So thoughts of you make love to my mind with ease

What is friendship, companionship without you
Honey is sweet but i savour more the taste of you.

If you love the seducing sound of waterfalls
The nakedness of the setting sun when her lover calls

The arousing aroma of the marigold flower
The lustre of the stars in the night hour

Then, you’d love to hear me say
Just like the plants need the rain on a sunny day

So i need you to my core
no lady ever satisfied me like you before

If heaven is truely paradise
Then i see my mansions in your eyes.

Those eyes that is the home of the dancing sun
That inspire creativity and chase the darkness of mediocrity like the break of dawn.

My love, i stay up at night just for you
Put my head in a tornado, brainstorming for you

The sea told me of her density and fierceness in all
I told her about your phenominality and she felt so small

Even the moon when she is without clothes
Is not as irrestible when our lips get close.

In eternity when i see you i want to see me
Because i am deeply in love with you my Dearest POETRY.

Yours in Love,
Joecool lorenzo (Mr Famous)

13 thoughts on “Love Letter” by Joecool_Lorenzo (@joecool)

  1. Wow @joecool you nailed this one. I was almost singing the lyrics.It has a sing-s0ng rhythm, and I love it.Nice use of rhymes, it was on point! Are you a rapper? You sure write like one.

  2. @sambrightomo: awwwww, thank you buddy. I am nt a rapper o coz wrappers are common even my mum got one on. Appreciate the words men.

  3. wonderful, nice rhymes, superb rythm, fantastic imagery. i love the way you described your love with the dexterity of a great poet. this one would wow any babe but i guess all this love is for poetry

  4. Not bad, the rhymes are not so great but it got me smiling.

    1. @myne, once it made u smile, thats good enough for me

  5. Wow! I love the suspense which was finally nailed at the end.

    1. @alfa2: tanx mehn for the words, glad u enjoyed it

  6. @clemency: oh i appreciate ur words

  7. @joecool you re most welcome. happy indepence

  8. HeArt warming.

  9. @Seun-Odukoya
    that how it should be, heart warming, appreciate mehn

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